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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Day 344: 21 November

We went back down to Captain Andy’s Sunset Dinner Cruise on the South Shore, and on the way we stopped at the Spouting Horn again.  The breaking water here is just waves hitting the shore. (Canon 7D) The Spouting Horn is a lava tube in the shore rocks.  When the waves hit it the water […]

Day 343: 20 November…

We took the 20th easy.  The Dailylife Wife wasn’t feeling too good, and the weather was not real good, so we took it easy.  It is a vacation, after all!   We were shocked when we got up on the 21st to find neither of us had taken any photos…   So here few from […]

Day 342: 19 November…Turtles!

While down at the Queen’s Bath we saw quite a few sea turtles. (Nikon P7100) They seem to like the surf. We were told they have a cave they lay eggs in under here. They bob up and then go back down. The color is right, but the shape is wrong…hmmm… It is a pretty […]

Day 341: 19 November, the Queen’s Bath

I had wanted to go see the Queen’s Bath since I heard about it last year.  It is ill marked and bad trail.  Maybe they do that to keep those that go see it the ones that really want to. (Nikon P7100) It is a pretty trail, by and large, but I didn’t get any […]

Update on Day 332! (And 335…)

The roommate has spoken!  See her answers at: Day 332: 14 November!  Now, in fashionable RED LETTERS! Also in Day 335: 16 November the green prickly looking slipper things are Jack Fruit.  The pods inside are edible, and some think very good. ~Curtis on Kaua’i! {!-{> !

Day 340: 18 November, earlier in the evening, part 2

The obligatory Hula lesson!  The guy with the microphone is one of the Smith Family, who were everywhere!  It really is a family business.  This guy was the narrator, introducer, singer, hula helper, and he poured coffee on the side… (Nikon P7100, mostly in super dooper night mode) Tiki Torches! And a great dinner was […]

Day 339: 18 November, earlier in the evening, part 1

(These titles keep getting more complicated!) We attended the Smith Family Garden Luau.  It starts with a quick tour of their gardens and time to walk around and enjoy them in the setting sun. Cactus in Hawai’i?  More than you’d think, but this is outside of the gate. (All Nikn P7100, except the next one!) […]

Kaua’i Morning Bonus!

I was up about 6:30 this morning, and what did I see but that big Kaua’i Moon! (1/250s f/8.0 ISO125 300mm -1.56 stops Canon 7D 100% crop) (1/250s f/8.0 ISO125 300mm -1.5 stops 7D 100% crop taken in monochrome) ~Curtis on Kaua’i! {!-{>

Day 338: A little moonlight (18 November)

We went to the Smith Family Luau tonight.  It was wonderful.  This isn’t it.  After being cloudy all day, the skies clear tonight and the (almost) full Moon was out. (1.5s f/4.0 ISO2500 12mm Canon 7D) (1s f/4.0 ISO1250 24mm 7D) Kapa’a by night. (2s f/4.5 ISO5000 22mm 7D) (1s f/4.0 ISO800 24mm 7D) Those […]

Day 337: Chasing the Sun and beyond…

After the Moon we went looking for that sunrise. “It is around here somewhere…” “Nope.” “Maybe over there?” “I see it!  I see it!” Lots of warm, wet beach, too! And that couple again… Foot watching… *** *** “Time for breakfast!  Shoes…errr..on.” Coffee at the Olympic Cafe in Kapa’a. (iPad mini x3) A second floor […]