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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Day 364: One Day Left…

An Osprey from down by the river Sunday afternoon. (1/90s f/8.0 ISO250 300mm +1/2 stop Canon 7D) ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 363

The Swainson’s Hawk is back scaring off the other birds (but not the Skwerrel) from the Barrow Backyard Bird Sanctuary. (1/90s f/8.0 ISO125 244mm +1 stop Canon 7D) He just sat there for an hour or more. (1/125s f/8.0 ISO125 300mm +1/2 stop 7D) I like this one the best, partly because it doesn’t have […]

Day 362

Well, I think I got off on the days somewhere…This should be Day 361, the 27th.  Oh well. A nice start to the day: Sunrise at Fife. (1/750s f/8.0 ISO320 300mm -4.5 stops Canon 7D) (1/90s f/8.0 ISO320 17mm -1.5 stops 7D) (1/180s f/8.0 ISO320 29mm -2.5 stops 7D) 29 years of running down the […]

The Dailylife Wife’s Nemesis

It is an on-going feud, with the Skwerrel having the advantage.  The City frowns on discharging firearms in the City Limits.  The back neighbors might be a touched peeved, too! He has grown fat and sassy off of her suet and birdseed. (1/2000s f/8.0 ISO200 42.6mm (35mm eq:200mm) -2.7 stops Nikon Coolpix P7100) ~Curtis in […]

Day 361: Merry Christmas! Part 3…

Christmas Dinner in Great Falls! Prep. (All photos: Nikon Coolpix P7100) I’m ready to pop the popper! I’m here for the Cute again… The Dinner!  With Lugnut popping his own popper… I’m so cute! No, that is some dinner on my lip. Done! Boat building 101. Proof too much TV is bad for your complexion… […]

Day 360: Merry Christmas! Part 2…

The Grand Opening! And so it begins. (All photos: Nikon Coolpix P7100) Cake Batter Chapstick in the stocking! I’m just here for the Cute. The gift distribution begins!  No wait…this one is mine! Canadian Mittens.  From Canada, eh? A handy mug for a photographer… More mitts, eh?!!!  But they are out of date…? Legos.  They […]

Day 359: Merry Christmas! Part 1…

An early Christmas Moon taken from in front of our house about 6:45am this morning. (1/350s f/8.0 ISO125 400mm Canon 7D) ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

The Good Earth

45 years ago tonight, three men were as far away from the good Earth as any men had ever been, or have been to this date.  A chance moment and a view out a window during a capsule maneuver led to one of the most famous and iconic photographs in history, if not for all […]

Day 358: Christmas Eve…

…or not.  These are from Thanksgiving when the Dailylife Grandpappy was over to see his newest Great Grandson, ‘Stache! He got up before sunrise to go take photos with me of the a’fore mentioned sunrise.  The best photo came from a northbound freight running through Fife. (All photos Nikon P7100) The Dailylife Grandpappy and Great […]

A Christmas Hawk Special!

I dropped the Dailylife Wife off at work late this morning and came home to find a large Swainson’s Hawk sitting in the trees behind our house.  He stayed there for an hour or more after I got home. The first three are from the same image.  I made two for wallpaper and one for […]