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Great Falls Camera Club October Contest Results!

Here are the photos and the results for the October contest.  It was an Open contest.  November’s is: FALL.  Please send your Photos to me at: as soon as you can!


The contest was judge at the Billings Camera Club meeting on November 6. The judges are all long time members. They were Linda Weeks, Pat Donnally, and Diane Erhart. They went through the images one time and then voted on the second round. After they voted, they went through the images and assigned the winners. They then gave comments on each image (below the photo). 


And here they are!

(Click on a photo to enlarge it; BACK to return here.)

You Looking At Me: The line in the squirrel’s tail is distracting. Good composition. The squirrel is well placed according to the rule of thirds and the pose creates action. The blurred background draws the eye to the subject. 9 Points 

Who’s there: Depth of field was well handled. You might have tried to move a little closer and cropped some of the empty space on left side. Movement would add to the image. 6 Points

Water Under the Bridge: Great composition with the diagonal line. Good motion and emotion with colors. There could some cropping on the top to remove the red lights. You might also try to lighten this a little. 11 Points

Waterfall: You make a good attempt at framing the falls with a tree. If possible, you might have tried to move to your left so the tree wasn’t blocking your subject. It could use more dramatic lighting since the lighting is very flat. 7 Points

The Point Reyes at Inverness: This is an interesting subject. The blurred tree seems to detract from the boat. 7 Points

Thailand Hill Tribe Child: Cute subject with a cute expression. Nice composition and there is a good catch light in the eyes. 11 Points

Sky View: Red roof is neat. The horizon line is tilted. Needs something more dominant in the image. You might try cropping into just the two depots and the flag.7 Points

SFO Take Off: Not sure what the object of attention is supposed to be. Background is neat. Nice color harmony.  8 Points

Searching for Food: Nice reflection. It appears to be over exposed. Lighting isn’t very dramatic. 8 Points

Sago Palm: Very interesting. Great lighting. Leaves in center are in focus. Maybe move in on the colored area and take more off the right. 10 Points

Preparing The Balloon: Dramatic, nice lines. More interesting to have the shadow than an actual person. 10 Points

Post and Sky: There is interest in the lower left corner with the post, fence and combine. The way this is presented the viewer is not sure what your subject is. You could try to get more of the post and less of the sky. 7 Points 

Paint by Numbers Bull: There were mixed feelings if this would be considered fine art or a photograph. It does not appear to be sharp.The busy background is fighting with the antlers. The eye is not sharp and might be improved it there was a catch light in the. 8 Points

Night Sets In: This is a great monochromatic image. The composition might be a little static. 10 Points

Nature at Large: The butterfly is very sharp. You have good diagonal lines. The busy background seems to detract from the butterfly. This does seem to be over saturated causing a loss of detail. 9 Points

Moonrise: Good color but needs something interesting in the foreground or maybe a larger moon. 8 Points

Midway Geyser Basin: You have a nice center of interest and the diagonal lines of the river and hills are good. You also have terrific lighting. It would help to see more of the buffalo. Good composition. 7 Points

Making Glass: The color harmony and lighting is nice. Simple. The highlights on the glass are interesting.It would be good to see more of the glass and less of the out of focus hand. 8 Points

I See You: This does have good lighting on your subject. The background seems to be quite busy. You might be able get rid of some of the background by cropping. 8 Points

Horseman: You have nice balance. It might be a little tight on the bottom. It might be neat to see more of the horse’s shadow. It has a nice feeling but it might benefit with dramatic lighting. You might try taking this from a lower angle. 8 Points

Hello, Mr. Moon: The moon has good exposure so you can see the craters. The sky could be darkened to give more impact. 6 Points

Glacier Fern: The cedar branches are well exposed and sharp. The bright object is over exposed. It seem to be so busy that you can’t see the fern. The lines going in every direction is very confusion. You could use a single point of interest. 6 Points

Flight at Sunset: Beautiful picture but bird looks artificial. Good color and harmony and nice lighting on the sand.13 Points

Cruising Sunset: beautiful horizon, beautiful sky, water is sharp but need strong center of interest. Need something in the foreground. 11 Points

Canyonlands Sunset: Needs more cropping on the bottom to take out all the black. Horizon line is right in the middle of the photo. Too much black on the bottom. 7 Points

(I haven’t any of my comments in these but I couldn’t help it with this one. If you add a little stroke for a border on this, I don’t see where there is any problem with the black. I might have other suggestions but I will leave the rest to the judges. DH) 

Calla Lily: Sharp and the water droplets add interest. Need some graduated color in the background. Maybe less background. Like green leaf. 9 points

Big Horn: You did find a great subject. The green seems over saturated and the background appears to be competing with the sheep. Maybe crop some of the rocks out. 8 Points

Avalanche Falls: Water has nice blur. The ferns in front need to be sharper. Interesting lighting. Nice mood, almost like you can hear the water. 9 Points

Abbie at Sheep Creek: Like the pose and positioning but the color looks off on the horse, it doesn’t look natural. Ears on the horse merge with the horizon. You might consider cropping off some more off the back end of the horse. Need catch light in eye. 10 Points

Ride ‘Em Cowgirl: Good expression on her face. Good action. Little busy in the background. Crop a little off the right to get the white off the right.12 Points **Honorable Mention**

Red Admiral Butterfly: Very sharp, colorful, simple, no distracting objects. Diagonal lines. There appears to be action. 13 Points **Honorable Mention**

Jumping For Joy: Great lighting. Sharp all the way through. The guy makes the photo. It just all goes together. 13 Points **Honorable Mention**

Bull Elk At Sunset: Great detail on animal. Good lighting. Background may be too light. Moving legs add motion. Photo is a tilted a little. Like how he is walking right towards us. 12 Points **Honorable Mention**


Just Another Day At The Office: Great composition. Expression is great, subject of three. The hose going through the face is distracting. Smile on the person lying down is nice.12 Points **3rd Place**

Police Car Moth On Goldenrod: Great color. Good composition. Simple background. Butterfly creates a diagonal. Nice and sharp. 13 Points **2nd Place**

Embera Boys On Dugout: interesting composition. Balanced even though boys are at one end. Diagonal lines. Color is interesting. Good cropping. Very artistic. Simple. 14 Points **1st Place**


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