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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Day 057

More work has been done on the industrial area that has the railroad spur between the Base and Giant Springs.  Click on the photos a couple of times to make it larger.  BACK to return here! And then the next day…it was so big I had to use two photos! And from the end… And […]

Day 056

Happy Birthday to my brother Dennis.  He is in the green shirt here.  Mom and I am the other two. Here is a more recent one from his Facebook page. ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 055

A quick trip across the Columbia River Gorge Bridge, East-bound. ~Curtis in \/\/ashington State! {!-{>

Travel Tip #1!

THE SECRET TO TRAVELING HEALTHY WHILE TRAVELING: Drink Bottled Water, Take Pepto Bismol, and Avoid Hungry Lions. {!-{>

Day 054

A mad dash to get out of Seattle before the rush hour traffic hits… Wow.  Just made it. Now it is just fog, snow and rain. And Snoqualmie Pass, of course. ~Curtis in Washington State! {!-{>

Day 053

Hey!  It’s me!  Thanks to the Dailylife Daughter #2… ~Curtis in Washington State! {!-{>

Day 052

A quite rainy time out in Seattle with Dailylife Daughter #2.  On Monday we went to see Snoqualmie Falls, that had a serious amount of water going over it… Ummm… Okay, that’s a little better…now for one of the DD #2’s: More edited: It was mainly a matter of shooting when the rain let up […]

Day 051

I took the Dailylife Daughter #2 and her roomie to Cabela’s, a ways north of Seattle.  A great lobby! They had a great sale on too, but I didn’t get much… ~Curtis in Washington State! {!-{>

Day 050

A few more from the road on the way out to Seattle… Every house needs a tractor! It was just a little cloudy on and off. Blue Sky! The lights are on top of Snoqualmie Pass.  And a wiper… More Blue Sky down near the endow the road. ~Curtis in Washington State!

Day 049

Among the ghosts on Lookout Pass. ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>