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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Day 33

I was lucky to get these photos through the light fog that was hanging over the Missouri River. The Common Goldeneye (again!) (1/800, f11, 403mm, ISO 400, BigSig 150-500mm Lens) (1/800, f11, 403mm, ISO 400, BigSig 150-500mm Lens) (1/800, f11, 403mm, ISO 400, BigSig 150-500mm Lens) (1/800, f11, 403mm, ISO 400, BigSig 150-500mm Lens) […]

Day 32

Now, for something completely different… A female and two male Hooded Mergansers! (1/400, f16, 403mm, ISO 400, Wallpaper sized!) ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 31: What Harlee did yesterday!!! Part Two…

Meanwhile, back at Nana and Papa’s house…Presents! First, the assortment of hand made goodies from Tante Knick Knack. A dollie with clothes and a blanket, with Ariel one one side and Tinkerbell on the other! And then on to more stuff! But wait!  It is Mommie’s burfday tomorrow, too! I’ll help her.  She gets lots […]

Day 31: What Harlee did yesterday!!!

(Posted a little late since it should be Day 29 or 30, but live with it!) Yesterday, the 29th, was Toots’ birthday.  She turned the Big Three.  No “O”, just three.  So we went to lunch at Chili’s… The pre-lunch entertainment…or lunch in Lugnut’s case. Fairy wings with a Fairy dress.  What do you think […]

R.I.P. Spirit! (sort of…)

Spirit is done a ‘rovin’…Probably lived longer than the Manufacturer’s extended warrantee, let alone the usual 90 day one! Spirit, NASA Martian Exploration Rover, Dies at 6 (Earth Years) NASA’s Martian Exploration Rover, Spirit, could not pull itself from its sandy resting place on Mars and has been downgraded to an operational science station. While […]

Day 30: The Sledding Party, Part 4

Heather and John! The family together! Pfffttt!!! WAAA… …HOOO… …HEEE… …HEEE!!! I’ll have to give that ride high marks Jim. A better than average effort by the young challenger from /\/\onTana! She really nailed it in all categories, easily beating the favored Chinese Team… I’m on my way to Vancouver 2010!!! Indeed! ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! […]

Day 29: The Sledding Party, Part 3

Harlee sized wallpaper! (1/800, f8, 70mm, ISO 400, Tungsten White Balance) ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 28: The Sledding Party, Part 2

You’ll never catch me, Dad! (1/125, f8, 75mm, ISO 100, Cloudy) Uh oh… (1/100, f8, 125mm, ISO 100, Cloudy) Yer holdin’ up the line, Nick! (1/160, f8, 105mm, ISO 100, Auto White Balance) Call it what you will, but it looks like hind sight to me! (1/60, f8, 75mm, ISO 100, Cloudy) John, soon to […]

Day 27: The Sledding Party, Part 1

Kirsten and Tim decided to take the two urchins, Toots and Lugnut, sledding down at Giant Springs State Park. It was a good thing someone knew where to go! (1/640, f8, 50mm, ISO 100, Cloudy White Balance preset) (I did play around with the exposure settings a bit…) I wish I had my GPS… (1/320, […]

Day 26

Giant Springs State Park, and, of course, Giant Springs… (1/125, f8, 100mm, ISO 100) (1/200, f8, 100mm, ISO 100) ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>