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Category Archives: Sunsets


It rained last night, and it rained today.  It may rain or snow tonight. But I got to photograph another Red Tailed Hawk! This is a view of our RV Park from across the Verde River. A closeup of our trailer! This is a bush/weed/somethingorother on the side of the roads down here.  I thought […]

Day 2023027!

This is the sunset looking back towards Jerome, half way up the mountain side.  The turn off of the pavement in the corner leads down to the River Access for the Verde River. This is the Access.  The Verde River runs thought those trees.  There is a tan house just above and to the left […]

Day 2023022! Extra!

After I got done with my project, we actually had a nice sunset!  There seem to be a lot more colorful ones than last year! ~Curtis in /-\rizon/-\! {-{>

Day 2023020!

A quiet day down at the RV Park!  It started with a nice sunrise… But what is that down on the picnic table? Yup. So it looks like I will be unhooking the fresh water hose tonight.  I don’t have one of the fancy heated ones for the few days I have to do this. […]

Day 2023018! Part 2!

Just a quick second post for the nice sunset over the almost empty RV Park… (Cellphone panorama: double click to enlarge it; BACK to return!) ~Curtis in /-\rizon/-\!

Day 2023015!

Kind of dull yesterday and rainy today…but I did spy something across the river… Yup!  There might even be two of them! But just what is it? It is the Verde Canyon Railroad! I road this one several years.  It is a nice ride.  Mostly in a canyon, but there is a tunnel! She was […]

Day 2023013!

A Mountain Bluebird! In something completely unrelated, here is a nice cellphone panorama of our street in the RV Park.  It is at less than 50% full.  I expect that should start changing this weekend.  It is a three day with MLK Day on Monday. (Click on the photo a couple of times to enlarge […]

Day 2023007!

A nice sunset through a dirty window…time to find the Windex! ~Curtis in /\rizona! {!-{>

Day 2023002! On the Road to Morocc…err, Arizona!

We got off in good time today: 7:05am!  A quick stop at Hardee’s for breakfast.  There was no way they want to let that trailer go through McDonalds! Heading down the hill into the Sun and the Helena Valley. At the South end of Elk Park, before heading down the hill into Butte, there were […]

Day 2023001!

Happy New Year! We are packing up to head south once again.  It looks like we may have a three or four day window without too much severe weather to tow through.  If you look at the open compartment, that is our outdoor kitchen.  That we never use.  I removed the refrigerator and ice maker […]