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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Day 124

We will return to Hawai’i shortly, but first, the all new episode of Singing With The Stars, from the Benton Lake National Wildlife Refuge! “Okay, wait for it…” (Western Meadowlark: 1/500, f8, 400mm,ISO 400,+1/2 stop) “Now the big finale…” (1/500, f8, 400mm,ISO 400,+1/2 stop) The Performance (Click to hear and see this awesome performance!  Then […]

Day 123: The Napali Coast!

Our cruise liner sailed out of Lihue, northwest up the coast of Kauai, around and southwest along the Napai Coast past Princeville. The official Napali Coast is only 17 miles long.  It only took and hour or so to cruise by in the NCL Pride of America.  This is looking back towards Princeville and Lihue. […]

Day 122: Lihue to Princeville!

Here is another view of that lighthouse as we leave Lihue behind. The shoreline here is not sand…yet.  Wait a few thousand years! I have added a second view here, because it was hard to see that there was a tunnel in the rock. Our last view of the lighthouse. The shoreline is getting more […]

Day 121: Leaving Lihue…

After lunch our ship departed Lihue for the Napali Coast.  As we were leaving the dock the lighthouse at the entrance was illuminated by the sun.  This was right off our balcony. The sea was a bit rough today. Looking inland towards the mountains. This is just one truck out of many that supports the […]

Day 120: About eating onboard the ship!

About the fourth day of our seven day around Hawai’i cruise, we discovered the Lanai Buffet.  This is the mostly outdoor extension of the main buffet where we ate.  It was nice to sit and eat out there, except for the wind.  One many occasions you had to hold your food on the plate or […]

Day 119: Navigation on Kauai!

Today we went to the Wailua River State Park and Fern Grotto, along the only navigable river in Hawai’i!  First, a short wait for the bus in the Cruise Line Building. A three photo panorama stitched together in PS Elements. Click to enlarge; BACK to return! Our first stop on today’s tour was at the […]

Day 118: Good Morning Kauai!

After the big show and a nice bus ride back to the Pride of America, we had a pleasant night’s sleep, followed by a very interesting sunrise over the breakwaters!  These are from our stateroom on the Pride. These are full color photographs, as you can see from the touch of blue sky in the […]

Day 117: Spring has sprung!

Buds on the trees out back this weekend.  I was testing my new Canon 100mm macro lens a bit. (1/1000, f8, 100mm, ISO 320, -1.2 stop) (1/500, f8, 100mm, ISO 320, -1/2 stop) Now, back to our regularly schedule Hawai’i adventure! ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 116: A brief interlude…

The Dailydaughter #1 called: the Northern Lights forecast was Extreme++ for Great Falls!  I rushed out… (Click to enlarge; BACK to return!) (Two photo panorama stitched together in PS Elements) It wasn’t normal northern lights.  They didn’t really move.  It looked more like the lights were illuminating the clouds.  It also wasn’t this bright.  I […]

Day 115: The Big Show!

The introduction! She sure did make that bustle…ummm…bustle! The Chief narrates. They seek a new land. He is taking his daughter’s true love on this dangerous journey. Preparations. Dangers at sea! Trials in the canoe. A plea for mercy and success. Ummmm…gratuitous (but really neat!) fire knife dancing. A little more, with flaming poi ball […]