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Monthly Archives: December 2011

End of the Year Bonus!

I took this self portrait on my iPod earlier this year…Dailylife Friend Becca managed to lose my nose somewhere along the line… Do you know how hard it is to sneeze with no nose??? ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 365…At Last!

Another year in the can for Robyn and me for our Photo A Day blogs: Tomorrow starts Year 4, or Day 1096!  So I decided I would post a few photos I took down at the River today.  It is so rare I can find birds to take photos of!  {!-{P (At least all of […]

Day 364…almost there!

These are from after the family photo session with Amy Coe last year.  As you can see it was cold and snowy, with a light breeze.  This year is sunny, warm and very windy! Dailylife Daughter #2… (1/90, f4.5, 28mm, ISO 200) ((1/90, f4.5, 44mm, ISO 200) (1/125, f5.6, 135m, ISO 200) …and the Dailylife […]

Day 363: A Year Ago With Amy Coe!

One [exactly] year ago we did a family portrait session with Amy Coe (Inspire Portrait and Design) and she let me record some of the fun! The fabulous photographer herself: Amy Coe! (All photos are Canon Powershot SX100IS on Auto with flash) Chill, Lugnut!  I got this! I think we can put the weather balloon […]

Day 362

I was down in Helena today, and spied a long coal train.  I raced it to the crossing, and took a few photos. Two big Locomotives led the way.  They were pulling some pretty good grade as it headed up to Mullan Tunnel, but rolling right along. (1/180, f8, 105mm, ISO 125, -1/2 stop) It […]

Day 361: The Original Dailylife Moment!

(I was off a day on my two Christmas posts, but I am back in sync now!) It has been a long, and very short, 27 years, since that dreary day in Germany when my darlin’ and I got hitched!  These are pages from one of my scrapbooks from Germany.  Some of the photos have […]

Day 360: Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day started with all of the family over for breakfast. Sometimes the old toys…don’t make waiting any easier. I can’t take this stress!  My head is going to explode! Looking for the plug for the lights on the tree. Sure Dad, I’ll help you with this one! Why does he get the Talking Story […]

Day 359: Christmas Eve

We had a rockin’ little Christmas Eve this year!  A wonderful dinner to fondue and Lefsa, followed by…the grand kritters actually getting along! Toots in an unguarded moment. (All photos taken on a Canon 7D on auto, with flash) A closer-up version.  Both are wallpaper sized. The Dailylife Wife get iPad connectivity! Fortunately, we don’t […]

Day 358

The road elves have been busy this year! (Canon PowershotSX100IS, between Avon and Helmville) ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 357

A short consist along La Salle near Evergreen. (Canon Powershot SX100IS through the windshield!) ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>