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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Day 295: Helper!

I chased some coal trains through some desert looking country, and ended up in Helper, UT. Named for it’s function, Helper is where the “helper” engines would help push trains up over the summit, quite a substantial grade to climb.  The railroad is still important to Helper, but with the coming of the diesel locomotive, […]

Day 294

Not waiting for sunrise in Utah… (Click to enlarge, BACK to return!) (All photos from the Nikon Coolpix L11.) Heading up, up, up again! Into the very pretty high country. Of course, a little while ago I was driving through that little town to the left of the center of the photo, way, way back […]

Day 293

The ride from Cedar Breaks down to Panguitch was pretty with all of the fall colors out. (All photos on the Nikon Coolpix L11.) I had a nice dinner at the Cowboy Smokehouse: barbequed ribs.  It wasn’t quite as good as it smelled (it was a little dry for my taste) but it was still […]

Day 292

Cedar Breaks National Monument, or How High Can We Go? Cedar Breaks is North of Zion National Park and West of Bryce Canyon National Park, in Utah. (All photos are on the Nikon Coolpix L11 on Auto.) There is a nice Ranger Cabin/Gift Shop. (Three photos stitched together in MS ICE) As you walk out […]

Day 291

As I was leaving the Grand Canyon National Park, I saw a herd of Buffalo (Bison). (All photos Nikon CoolpixL11 on Auto) Heh.  Who knew? As you head north away from the Canyon the road drops steeply into some open valleys. (Cropped from one photo) North of Zion National Park you can run across Lava […]

Day 290: Breakfast with the neighbors…

This is the morning edition of my campsite as I was packing to leave, just prior to taking the photos on Day 289.  The North Rim Campground has a 16×16 foot (or so) tent platform, filled with sand to make for a nice, soft base.  I think someone had a good idea, but missed a […]

Day 289:Early in the morning…

Morning on the North Rim. (Three photos stitched together in MS ICE) (1/45, f22, 120mm, ISO 320, -2 stops) (1/350, f22, 90mm, ISO 320, -1 stop) (1/180, f22, 115mm, ISO 320, -1 stop) First rays of sun on the pines… (1/250, f11, 240mm, ISO 320, -1 stop) Meanwhile back down in the Canyon… (1/350, f8, […]

Day 288: A few more shots in the dark…

I let it get good and dark before walking back to the Lodge from Bright Angel Point.  These are about the same photo, the second with flash.  I lightened the top one a little! (1/6, f4, 21mm, ISO 1600) (1/6, f4, 21mm, ISO 1600, on camera flash) (1/2, f4, 17mm, ISO 1600) This is cropped […]

Day 287

Moonlight (and Jupiter!) becomes you… (1/8, f8, 39mm, ISO 800) ~Curtis on the North Rim! {!-{>

Day 286

Twilight’s last gleaming… (Five photos stitched together in MS ICE) (Click to enlarge, Back to return!) ~Curtis on the North Rim! {!-{>