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Day 320

I went up to Kalispell back in October for an extra Canadian Thanksgiving, and I had some of the Dailylife Grandmother’s Refrigerator Pickles…even better than I recalled!  So I got the recipe from my Sister: “It was really nice to see you last week, glad everyone could make it! Here’s Grandma’s recipe: Cucumber Recipe Wash […]

Day 263

One of the camera modes on my cellphone is a “rolling” panorama…the camera will make a really wide photo while you swing it from one side to another.  It works pretty well! Normally…but not today… Click on it a couple of times to enlarge it…if you dare.  BACK to return!   That red blotch on […]

Day 262

My sister came down from British Columbia to visit the Dailylife Grandpa for…Canadian Thanksgiving!  So this is the Dailylife Wife’s third trip over to Kalispell in two weeks… At the Cascades along US Hwy 2 near Glacier National Park. The Dailylife Grandparents “homestead”. Thanksgiving Dinner! From left (front) to back to right (front): Lugwrench (because […]

Day 261

While sadly behind on Posts, it is once again: Canadian Thanksgiving. A nice photo of everyone actually looking at the camera at the same time…is fuzzy.  I think the camera had condensation from being in the car in the garage.  I didn’t think it was that cold! From left to right: Friend Robyn, Dailylife Wife, […]

Day 248

The well dress lady adventuress returns from a weekend expedition to the wilds of Krispy Kreme! ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 247

The family traveled up to Kalispell this weekend.  Lugwrench is attending Woodbadge, an advanced leadership course for adult Boy Scouters, near Big Fork and the family took the occasion to visit with the Dailylife Grandparents! We went to lunch Saturday at Bojangles.  They have a G-Scale train running around the restaurant.  It was a hit! […]

Day 227

From a delicious dinner the Dailylife Wife made: Chicken Enchiladas!   (These are the Day 226 photos…)   ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 189

The Dailylife Wife was cutting a red pepper for an ingredient in tonight’s dinner… Where the heck was this three weeks ago?  The theme for the State Fair photography this year was red. <<sigh>>  All photos were from my cellphone, BTW. And the dinner was: Italian Zucchini Boats!  Pretty good, too.  And low carb…{!-{P ~Curtis […]

Day 178, June 10th, part 6!

“What’s for lunch?” “Fish”  “Oh boy, my favor…!” “Get yer own!  (Stop squirming, you!)” ~Curtis in Icy Straight! {!-{>

Day 170, June 8th, part 12!

A few late additions from looking at my cellphone photos…this is complex, keeping straight my two digital camera and the cellphone.  That is not even thinking about the Dailylife Wife’s camera! Early morning four photo panorama! A four photo panorama of Dawes Glacier and the hanging valley to the right side of it. And late […]