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Day 20230107!

We took a trip up through Sedona to see the snow on the rocks.  Starting with breakfast at Annie’s in Cottonwood. From downtown Old Sedona. These two panoramas are based on the same two photos merged, but are cropped differently.  This is the Back O’ Beyond Road.  It leads to a view of Cathedral Rock […]

Day 2023006!

Our first home cooked dinner in the Trailer since we came down…almost…it was something frozen the Dailylife Wife brought down with us…Fiesta Chicken from our Instantpot!  Still delicious! Vertical iPhone Panorama…I will work on Zone of Acceptable Sharpness (Depth of Field!)… I filled the truck up at $3.13/gallon.  We got 9.6MPG, but there was about […]

Day 2023005 – Addendum!

I got my mitts on three of the Dailylife Wife’s photos from the 5th: Sunrise in Kingman! The Dailylife Wife rarin’ to go! Cedddar, Brocolli and Sweet Potato soup at the Red Rooster Cafe! I got one of the wrap halves for dinner: really good! ~Curtis in /\rizona! {!-{>

Day 202305 – A short Day! And Post! At least compared to yesterday’s three…

We got off about 9am heading East towards Flagstaff on I-40.  This is one of the roughest roads I have ever driven on that was considered to be paved! But the road stayed bare of snow and ice…just truck after truck after truck… I had to speed up a bit to keep from being a […]

Day 2023003!

Morning came way too early for some of us… Then it was out to brush snow and warm up the truck. (Photo by the Dailylife Wife!) A dreary start to the day, deliberately late so as to miss the Salt Lake City morning rush hour.  We did encounter this interesting steam/smoke column near Lehi… (Photos […]

Day 2023002! On the Road to Morocc…err, Arizona!

We got off in good time today: 7:05am!  A quick stop at Hardee’s for breakfast.  There was no way they want to let that trailer go through McDonalds! Heading down the hill into the Sun and the Helena Valley. At the South end of Elk Park, before heading down the hill into Butte, there were […]

Day 359

Merry Christmas!  Frohe Weihnacten! The start to Christmas Day over at the Grandkids’ abode…letting sleeping dogs lie… (Photo by DD#1) ‘Stache got lots of games this year! Skeeter seemed happy… So did Toots! Her again! The Dailylife Wife made out with Prairie Chick stuff! A general view of the chaos. Mountie Up! Lugnut got games […]

Day 358 Part 7

“I mean, I really like the horsey thing, but it seems like a lot of commotion just for a stick horse and a sugar cookie…” ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 358 Part 4

A Christmas Eve Dinner: the gang is all here!  With a lightly distorted ‘Stache… A fews minutes later, after the herd of Velociraptors had finished grazing… ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 358 Part 2

Some strange looking guy showed up for Christmas Eve Dinner…but he brought his own Mountain Dew! Have to try the hat on little Miss Elfette… The last one of my stash from Arizona.  Time to go back I guess! Dreams of things to come! ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>