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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Day 87: Still around Honolulu!

From the Hawaiian Railway Society we headed down to Downtown and Waikiki! We quickly found the Hard Rock Cafe, and looped the block thrice before locating a parking garage…that is MY chocolate milkshake, BTW… The Hard Rock Wave of Guitars… … . The Dailylife Wife’s lemonade… Our lunch: Nachos! A small part of Waikiki Beach. […]

Day 86: Around Honolulu…

The day started with another nice buffet at the longboard, with the birds… Spotted dove. They don’t hold still much, but I got one a little more in focus! “What?  I don’t remember posing for this stupid sign!” We actually got stopped by a train!  It was a school excursion at the Hawaiian Railway Society! […]

Day 85: The end of the day at last!

After the Polynesian Cultural Center we headed on around the Island to get back to the Ko Olina.  Here are a few of the sights we saw! (All photos by the Dailylife Wife: I was driving!) What is that up in the sky? Why, it is people who step off of cliffs and fly like […]

Day 84: Hula Gir…errr…the Parade of Canoes!

They have a daily parade of canoes with the different Islands costumes and dances. This is a small election.  I got a lot of video, too, and it is all too big to post here! Na Ali’i O Hawaii (King and Queen) Samoa Fiji makes a splash! Tahiti Closeup! Hawaii Spreading flower pedals! An interesting […]

Day 83: Samoa and more!

Each of the “villages” represents a separate set of Islands and their culture.  They have demonstrations and shows. This guy was pretty good, lame jokes and all.  He showed how to start a fire with a stick and a coconut! He also showed how to kill a coconut… This guy showed how to climb a […]

Day 82: Along the North Shore!

After the Dole Plantation we headed up to the North Shore.  It is not to long of a drive. (Many of these photos are the Dailylife Wife’s: it is apparently now a capital offense to remove your hands from the steering wheel for >>any<< reason on this Island!) As we dropped down out of the […]

Day 81: The Plantation Garden Tour!

Presented (mostly) without comment. Sago Palm! (Click on these to enlarge; BACK to return!) Unknown! Hey, what’s that through those trees…? … ……  … Ginger. Curtain Palm??? Bananas. Unknown. A complete mystery. Bird of Paradise. Unknown. Still unknown, only taller.   The one on the left. A red unknown. Yup  Still. Ti.  Not tea, Ti. […]

Day 80: The Pineapple Express, part 2!

The Dole Plantation is mainly a demonstration of what they do and did now.  The crops are exhibits.  Pineapple and sugar cane have pretty much moved away from the Islands.  Here is sugar cane and bananas (the short plants…) More of the same. Cheap farm labor. A nice green hedge as we roll along. They […]

Day 79: The Pineapple Express, part 1!

At the Dole Plantation: Pineapples! Young, immature, 800 gallons of water per plant pineapples. Another, more mature pineapple… Koi!   A few more Koi! LOTS of Koi! ‘Told ya! Watering the crops at the Dole Pineapple Plantation! Hey, what’s that over there? It is yellow and it toots… YES!  It tis the Pineapple Express, a […]

Day 78: The first morning in Hawai’i!

A little sun with the clouds… Lots of flowers around the Ko Olina Beach Club Resort! The breakfast buffet at the Longboard Bar and Grill. Melissa, our oh so good and can’t stop but I-want-to-go-to-Montana hostess! Dailylife at the Longboard! Another flower… So what comes after flowers and a breakfast buffet?  A trip to the North […]