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Category Archives: Historic

Day 43

The Moon coming up near Tuzigut Nat’l Monument. ~Curtis in /=\riZona! {!-{>

Day 40

Running a couple days behind… The Dailylife Grandpa has the ‘Rona!  He thinks he might have got it from his Mrs…she was sick, then he got sick, and after about a week of coughing, feeling bad and being weak, he spent the day at the Hospital and after 8 hours of tests they decided he […]

Day 24

If there is anything that should keep you up at night, this should! Toots has started Driver’s Ed! (Practice) (Photo by DD#1) ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 22! Frohe Geburtstag Robyn!

A happy and sad occasion:  Friend Robyn is having a Birthday! But she lost her precious Cat Jade yesterday. So hopefully this will cheer her up a bit! ========================= I tried to find a recent photo of Robyn: but I couldn’t find many good ones…she does love her chickens! Sometimes too much? And her Cat… […]

Day 21

Just down the hill is the Tuzigoot National Monument. “Hilltop Living “Water flows under and through this landscape, feeding the growth of people and towns. The Verde Valley is watered by snowmelt, summer monsoons, and springs that well up from the ancient sedimentary rocks. In the heart of the valley, a thousand years ago, people […]

Happy New Year…but not Photo #1…

From someone in the Flathead working on a Scouting Heritage project. Forty Nine years ago…minus a month or two… ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 334: analyzing useless numbers!

I analyzed my mileage on my trip taking the Trailer to Arizona.  Sort of… Last year I averaged 6.83 miles per gallon.  This year I averaged 8.2 MPG. Last year I drove 1173 miles to get the trailer down there.  This year it was 1300 miles.  I took the same route…I know it wouldn’t match […]

Day 231

My Camera Club entry for the weekly subject: Doors. All the info: Generational Doors We got this set (with two pigs!) for $5 at a garage sale. It has lasted over 14 years and four grandchildren. I expect it could make it another generation…the doors lock and we still have all three keys! Camera: Apple iPhone […]

Day 204

Lugnut and ‘Stache on the way to the Fair! Photo by DD#1. ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>  

Day 199

The Three Scrapateers, together again!