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Category Archives: On the Road

Day 190

Still off on a tangent…we’ll get back to Alaska yet!  {!-{> There is a Total Solar Eclipse coming on the 21st of August, 2017.  It can be seen across the whole center of the US, including Idaho…the area of totality (complete sun blockage by the Moon) does include five or six square miles of Montana, […]

Day 186

More light action at the Montana State Fair! Ghosts on the Tilt-A-Whirl!  Riding!   Dismounting! Waiting! More ghosts, now on the Midway… * ** * Okay, the last of the Midway lights, at least until I can get the GIF’s done… This field trip by the Camera Club was a lot of fun, and I […]

Day 182, June 10th, part 10!

Fin slap! * ** *** **   ~Curtis in Icy Straight! {!-{>

Day 181, June 10th, part 9!

Another!  Better photos! * ** My current wallpaper! *** ** * +++ ~Curtis in Icy Straight! {!-{>

Day 180, June 10th, part 8!

At last!  Breaching whales!  Not all the best images… * * * And a copy of that first image wallpaper sized! ~Curtis in Icy Straight! {!-{>

Day 179, June 10th, part 7!

I still am not sure what this bird is… * Even a seal came to see us! * * ~Curtis in Icy Straight! {!-{>

Day 178, June 10th, part 6!

“What’s for lunch?” “Fish”  “Oh boy, my favor…!” “Get yer own!  (Stop squirming, you!)” ~Curtis in Icy Straight! {!-{>

Day 177, June 10th, part 5!

Whale teasing. Lots of blow… Lots of back… No fluke… ~Curtis in Icy Straight! {!-{>

Day 176, June 10th, part 4!

A Murrelet?  I can’t find it in my app… ~Curtis in Icy Straight! {!-{>

Day 175, June 10th, part 3!

I believe this is a 1st year, immature Herring Gull… * *   ~Curtis in Icy Straight! {!-{>