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Category Archives: On the Road

Day 119

A few memories from five years ago on Maui! ~Curtis on /\/\aui! {!-{>

Day 84

I was cleaning the basement (Whaaat???) and I found an old backup hard drive. There are a lot of interesting photos on it, many of which have been previously seen here. But you get to see them again! IN 2004 we were retrieving a lot of stuff from my Mother’s house in Trail, BC. She […]

Day 69

I dropped south of the freeway when I was 30-40 miles out of Phoenix, and drove through some really nice hills! ~Curtis in Arizona! {!-{>

Day 68

More “classic” cars in Arizona! ~Curtis in Arizona! {!-{>

Day 67

Back to Arizona! There are a LOT of cactus between Payson and Phoenix… ~Curtis in Arizona! {!-{>

Day 65, part 2…

Apparently Arizona is classic car and hot rod country. These were not the only ones I saw on the way down from Payson to Phoenix. ~Curtis in Arizona! {!-{>

Day 65

After by-passing the Mongolian Rim Road, I turned south at Payson, AZ, towards Phoenix. Pardon the lines in my windshield, the my truck was in a small accident before I got it, and the windshield was scratched…other than that is is in pretty good shape, so I don’t intend to change it until it cracks. […]

DAY 64

MEANWHILE, BACK IN ARIZONA… This is a better view of the Mongolian Rim, that mountain straight ahead. There is a 40+ mile road along the edge of it. More on that later! This is Zane Grey country! Louis L’Amour, too! {!-{> ~Curtis in Arizona! {!-{>

Day 57

The Dailyife Wife complains there aren’t any photos of me in the tales of my trip last Fall…and there aren’t many. But here are two from my last night at the Mosque Del Apache NWR. ~Curtis back in /\/ew /\/\exico again…{!-{>

Day 55

Further on, up on the Continental Divide, is a collection of windmills. By itself it is pretty cool, but is it attached to: Pie Town! There is a festival here, and I just missed it… The road out of Pie Town on the Continental Divide… ~Curtis in /\/ew /\/\exico! {!-{>