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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Day 144: The Argus Camera Museum pt2!

Argus cameras were very influential in getting 35mm accepted as a film format, possibly second only to Leica, definitely in the United States, but also around the world.  There were over a million C3’s made! A precision machine made of inexpensive Bakelite. They are still in use today: There was a C3 Matchmatic used in […]

Day 143: The Argus Camera Museum pt1!

Thursday morning in Ann Arbor was a bit of fun for me… I collect Argus cameras, and Ann Arbor was home to the Argus Camera Company! There is a wonderful little free museum of Argus cameras housed in one of the old Argus factory buildings, now owned by the University of Michigan.  There are lots […]

Day 142

A couple out-the-windshield shots while driving from Des Moines to Ann Arbor…both in Davenport, Iowa, BTW. Approaching Davenport.  We didn’t get the rain we had on Monday (ALL DAY!!!) or for the last half hour yesterday.  A few sprinkles and lots of sun, mixed with these: The bridge over the Mighty Mississip! (Mississippi River, that […]

Day 141

Badlands National Park, south of Wall, SD: (Leslee’s Canon SX100) *** *** (Three and four shot panoramas stitched in MS ICE) Click to enlarge, BACK to return! Curtis in the Badlands! {!-{>

Day 140: Sunrise in Wall

(1/20, f3.5, 28mm, ISO 800) Curtis in Wall??!! {!-{>

A San Francisco Trolley ride…

…4 DAYS before the great San Francisco Earthquake! Note at 5:06 minutes into this there is a car with two guys pushing it to start it! I don’t know if the claim of this being the first 35mm film ever shot is correct, but it i still a neat video.  Just think how ripe […]

Day 139: Wall, SD 4:25am

(1 second, f9.5, 28mm, ISO 800) Curtis in Wall??!! {!-{>

Day 138:On the Road Again!!!

I am taking Leslee back to Ontario to finish up stuff left from her Mother’s passing.  Taking the indirect route, we drove the first 500 miles in the rain.  Then the sun came out in the Black Hills! (1/45, f16, 28mm, ISO 400, heavily edited…) (1/750, f8, 28mm, ISO 400) (1/350, f8, 44mm, ISO 400) […]


One more reason I want o go to Burning Man before I die… Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>


Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>