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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Day 172, June 9th, part 2!

A few photos from the Dailylife Wife, who seems to have taken more while we were in Juneau… The Author.   The Dailylife Wife. A few sights in Juneau. * * The Red Dog Saloon! Meanwhile, back on the ship… A few of our route so far.  Juneau, of course, isn’t listed. A bug infestation […]

Day 171, June 9th, part 1!

Another beautiful day on the Amsterdam!  And since I had cell service, a pretty useless map of our location… Well, the beautiful day part was a little optimistic. A view off the starboard rail of the other ships docked. And off the stern. Here is the Dailylife Wife contemplating Juneau. As we disembark to tootle […]

Day 170, June 8th, part 12!

A few late additions from looking at my cellphone photos…this is complex, keeping straight my two digital camera and the cellphone.  That is not even thinking about the Dailylife Wife’s camera! Early morning four photo panorama! A four photo panorama of Dawes Glacier and the hanging valley to the right side of it. And late […]

Day 169, June 8th, part 11!

The final post for June 8th!  At Last!  {!-{P As we got into the evening (and near to the summer solstice the evenings were quite long indeed) we steamed north towards Juneau.  Here is some of the scenery in a one photo panorama. An artsy photo of the ocean. More scenery! Here we are at […]

Day 168, June 8th, part 10!

The Dailylife Wife photographing our departure down Endicott Arm in a three photo panorama. Click the photo a couple of times to see it larger.  BACK to return here!   And looking the other way… …she spies something in the distance! Why, it is that other cruise liner we saw in the post below! A […]

Day 167, June 8th, part 9

An “unexpected” visitor? Not really; there are a limited number of “tourist” spots for the numerous cruise ships to go. The Carnival Legend.  I am not sure how much use that water slide gets up here… ~Curtis, on the way out of Endicott Arm! {!-{>

Day 166, June 8th, part 8

A few passers-by… * * * * * ~Curtis, on the way out of Endicott Arm! {!-{>

Day 165, June 8th, part 7

Details of one of the thousands of waterfalls along the way.   * * ~Curtis in Alaska!  {!-{>

Day 164, June 8th, part 6

This chunk of ice is surfacing after breaking off from the part of the glacier that is underwater. The deep blue color is from the ice being so compressed within the glacier that the oxygen was squeezed out of it! They seem to slowly lose that blue coloring after they float away and start to […]

Day 163, June 8th, part 5

Ice fall at Dawes Glacier.  Remember, we are a good distant from the glacier: that chunk of ice is the size of a Suburban! A close view of that ice cave after. Of course, it doesn’t last like that long… ~Curtis at Dawes Glacier, Alaska! {!-{>