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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Day 055

We went whale watching again today.  Some good sightings, but nothing too spectacular.  More on that later.  The Moon was out!  And it is Full Moon the day after we leave.  This morning WAY too early there was a nice view of the Moon over the Hawaiian waters, but scaffolding got in the way…so here […]

Day 054

We went whale watching…and these guys welcomed us back. * * ~Curtis on /\/\aui! {!-{>

Day 053

We went whale watching…this is “shooting between people”…{!-{P * * ~Curtis on /\/\aui! {!-{>

An Extra!

Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge, between Kihei and Ma’alaea, on /\/\aui! This is a coastal salt marsh the highway cuts through.  It often has a variety of birds, and we went on down this evening. This is a Black-Crowned Night-Heron. The light was fading fast as the sun set, and it was cloudy and raining […]

Day 052

Whale watching at sunrise… Inside of the boat.  A four phot panorama. Click a couple of times to enlarge; BACK to return!   Along the rail: DD#2 and the Dailylife Wife. Look!  A couple of whales! No, a bunch…five?  Six?  It is a “competition pod”. That is where a bunch of males show off for […]

Day 051

A lazy day in Lahaina.  It’s an Indian…wait…a reworked Harley…no, a Kawasaki Drifter!   License plate art.  Not many /\/\onTana plates in there.   Lahaina Pizza Company.  Still good after three years! Sweet! So sweet I had to chase it down for Lugnut!  Note the open windshield… ~Curtis on /\/\aui! {!-{>

Day 050: The Beach!

We did actually have a sunny day on the Beach! All of us. All of us AND the beach. A four photo panorama of the beach.  Click a couple of times to enlarge; BACK to return! Just the beach. *** ~Curtis on /\/\aui! {!-{>

Day 050: Whales, at a distance…

We saw lots of Whales on our beach excursion, but they were all near the horizon and a ling ways away.  All 100% crops from the center of the frame!  Click a couple of times to enlarge; BACK to return! A big splash from the fin…coming up?  A flipper flop. A complete flipper flop! Two! […]

Day 050

Three views of a rock at the beach. I did the water on a time exposure.  I didn’t bring my Neutral Density filter to the beach with me, so these are not too long. 1/8s f/45.0 ISO100 300mm for the first one,  1/15s f/45.0 ISO100 300mm for this one, and 1/15s f/45.0 ISO100 300mm for […]

Day 049

Not a lot happening today.  It was rainy, and we had to drive to the airport to pickup the Dailylife Daughter #2. A rare self-portrait! We stopped at the Maui Tropical Plantation (I think that is the name…).  It has a tram trip through the gardens, and an excellent gift shop! Timing was wrong for […]