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This is my wanna be a Glock! It is built on a first generation Polymer80 frame, with the carved out polymer rails in the rear. The second generation has steel rails in back.

These are in black and white because they had an orange cast and this is more like the real color, black on black.

I have a RockSlideUSA G17 slide on it, with the front cuts. I was going to get an olive drab one with the RMR cut too…it was $314 at Sovereign Guns, but I wasn’t sure who they were, so I went with the site.

It was about $340 but I was pretty sure it was legit. When it came, it was from…Sovereign Guns…<<sigh>> I need to do some more finish polishing on it. The polymer really shows every scuff from making it.

The only trouble I have seen with the slide is the trigger bar part that sticks up is dragging, leaving the wear mark below. Is that normal?

The back of the slide/slide plate looks like it set just back from the block part at the rear of the frame. All the fuzz in these photos is either a photo effect, or too small to be seen with the naked eye…more polishing, I guess!

As you can see the whole slide seems to set back just a little. It cycles manually just fine, and the trigger works. I think it is just Poly80 specs being off a hair. I think I might have taken a little too much off the top of the dust cover when I was carving the polymer in the jig, too. This is where the jig said to carve too, so I suppose it is mostly esthetics. I just don’t like that much spring showing.

The next four photos are of the rear rails. They are pretty tiny, but most folks with a Generation 1 Poly80 say they work okay. They are working manually cycling the slide.

And lastly, another photo of the pistol, just because I like the way it looks!

I figure I will shoot it like this a while, and then get one of the second generation Poly80 G19 frames that takes a G17 slide. Then I will get a MechTech carbine upper to put this frame on. I have one for 1911’s that I like, so I need another 1911 frame to keep it setup full-time.

Last time I was up in Kalispell at my Dad’s he gave me most of his guns. He is 93 and decided it would be easier to do it now than during probate after they die someday. I will send you some photos of them when I get them taken: A break-top S&W in .38 S&W, a .38 Special S&W Hand Eject (I think), a .32 S&W Long snubbie, an H&R Sportsman 9 shot breaktop .22LR, and a Remington Model 24 .22lr rifle. It is a variation of the Winchester bottom eject .22 with the tubular mag in the buttstock. The slide for my Poly80 came that weekend: it was a good time!

Later! Uncle Curtis {!-{>