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Day 2023030!

Frohe Geburtstag, Part 2! The Dailylife Daughter #1 turns x6 today! ~Curtis in /-\rizon/-\! {!-{>

Day 2023029!

Frohe Geburtstag! Grandkritter #1, also known as Toots, turns 16 today! The theory of TIME accelerating as you age has once again been proven correct…16 years??? ~Curtis in /-\rizon/-\! {!-{>

Day 2023022!

(This Project is in honor of Friend Robyn’s Birthday.  Why?  Who knows: it is the InterWeb, just go with it!) I did a project today.  I installed a new power strip.  Not just any power strip, but a pop up power strip! The Dailylife Wife had seen one of these in an Airstream Trailer video.  […]

Day 2023020! Panorama Day!

Why Panorama Day?  Because all four photos are panoramas, of course! =========== The Dailylife Wife and I made a drive up to Jerome.  It is only “four” miles from Clarkdale but it is all uphill and winding mountain roads…the best kind! If you drive straight past the firehouse in Jerome, rather than take the switchback, […]

Day 20230107!

We took a trip up through Sedona to see the snow on the rocks.  Starting with breakfast at Annie’s in Cottonwood. From downtown Old Sedona. These two panoramas are based on the same two photos merged, but are cropped differently.  This is the Back O’ Beyond Road.  It leads to a view of Cathedral Rock […]

Day 20230109!

Apparently I chose well for an Anniversary present… ~Curtis in /\rizona! {!-{>

Day 2023006!

Our first home cooked dinner in the Trailer since we came down…almost…it was something frozen the Dailylife Wife brought down with us…Fiesta Chicken from our Instantpot!  Still delicious! Vertical iPhone Panorama…I will work on Zone of Acceptable Sharpness (Depth of Field!)… I filled the truck up at $3.13/gallon.  We got 9.6MPG, but there was about […]

Day 2023005 – Addendum!

I got my mitts on three of the Dailylife Wife’s photos from the 5th: Sunrise in Kingman! The Dailylife Wife rarin’ to go! Cedddar, Brocolli and Sweet Potato soup at the Red Rooster Cafe! I got one of the wrap halves for dinner: really good! ~Curtis in /\rizona! {!-{>

Day 202305 – A short Day! And Post! At least compared to yesterday’s three…

We got off about 9am heading East towards Flagstaff on I-40.  This is one of the roughest roads I have ever driven on that was considered to be paved! But the road stayed bare of snow and ice…just truck after truck after truck… I had to speed up a bit to keep from being a […]

Day 2023004…Part 3…Feed Me!

(Photos by the Dailylife Wife and me!) Last year late in our stay the Dailylife Wife heard about Oatman and wanted to go see it. It was too late and too far for a quick trip last year, but I recalled it was somewhere around Kingman, or at least a lot closer than to […]