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Day 189

The Dailylife Wife was cutting a red pepper for an ingredient in tonight’s dinner… Where the heck was this three weeks ago?  The theme for the State Fair photography this year was red. <<sigh>>  All photos were from my cellphone, BTW. And the dinner was: Italian Zucchini Boats!  Pretty good, too.  And low carb…{!-{P ~Curtis […]

Day 173, June 10th, part 1!

A bit of liquid refreshment before our day. Man, did they ever have HOT coffee! In Hoonan, or Icy Straight, we got off the ship to go on a whale watching tour. There were lots of eagles and fun boats to see on the ride to our tour. *** This is the municipal dock where […]

Day 172, June 9th, part 2!

A few photos from the Dailylife Wife, who seems to have taken more while we were in Juneau… The Author.   The Dailylife Wife. A few sights in Juneau. * * The Red Dog Saloon! Meanwhile, back on the ship… A few of our route so far.  Juneau, of course, isn’t listed. A bug infestation […]

Day 171, June 9th, part 1!

Another beautiful day on the Amsterdam!  And since I had cell service, a pretty useless map of our location… Well, the beautiful day part was a little optimistic. A view off the starboard rail of the other ships docked. And off the stern. Here is the Dailylife Wife contemplating Juneau. As we disembark to tootle […]

Day 162, June 8th, part 4

On our way to Tracy Arm, the Captain of the Amsterdam decided there was too much ice flowing out of that fjord, so we do not turn north into Tracy Arm, but south to Dawes Glacier at the end of Endicott Arm.  Here you can see a large glacier hanging on the mountain. And our first […]

Day 157, June

A day at sea.  This a general map showing our destinations: Ketchikan, Tracy Arm, Anchorage, with a few others thrown in: Juneau, Icy Straight, Homer, Kodiak, Hubbard Glacier, and Victoria.  This is from the in-stateroom television.  It has a limited selection, but one of the channels is ship and trip stats like this. We are […]

Day 156, June 6th

The nerve racking drive to the Port!  And a raised drawbridge.  Okay, it was only nerve-racking because I wasn’t the one driving in such heavy traffic.  The crack across the less-than-two-week-old windshield is compliments of some driver on the Interstate. Up the Alaskan Way along Seattle’s waterfront.  A two cellphone photo panorama!  Click twice to […]

Day 152

More on Lugnut’s Webolos ceremony! A call for all Scouts to be recognized.  Even Girl Scouts.  So Lugnut and Toots together! Whoa!  They both looked at the camera together! This only happened once. So it was definitely an accident. ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 151

More on Lugnut’s Webolos ceremony! Before. After.  And not a strand of hair out of place. A bunch of them. ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 142

Good ol’ Lugnut is passing out of Cubs and is entering a Webelos! ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>