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Category Archives: Sunrises

Day 071

I took some fisheye photos this morning, to make this…interesting…panorama! This is the Rainbow Dam trestle. Or the bottom of it!  To showcase the awesome power of the fisheye lens (at least in panorama!), note my car, which was about eight feet to my left, is at the top, while my shadow (and toes!) are […]

Day 061

Meanwhile, back in Hawaii on our first whale watching cruise… So how do you tell WHERE a whale will be coming up?  Without an echo locator, it isn’t too easy… If you look in some of these photos, you will see a turquoise patch in the water.  In the photo below it is just to […]

Day 060

Meanwhile, back in Hawaii on our first whale watching cruise… * ** *** ** ~Curtis on /\/\aui! {!-{>

Day 048

I woke up early (still on Mountain Standard Time!) and saw the Big Dipper by a palm tree… Click on them a couple of times to see them full sized! * ** *** ** ~Curtis in the early hours, on Maui! {!-{>

Day 047

Our first full day on Maui.  It started out early…6:25 local time. And it started raining after this. We have seen whales (even a couple on the drive up here) but nothing I can get a usable photo of. Yet. A couple are included below. {!-{P A bird in the coconut tree offer lanai. This […]

Day 031

The clouds parted for the Lunar Eclipse! * * * Then the clouds came back. * * * * Then they left again.  Sort of. * *   ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 019

More from Home and Giant Springs State Park! This is the tree in our front yard through my new lens.   The same image with a little processing…very little… On to Giant Springs!  Note the snow blowing off the tree.  It was about 12F when we got there.   More blowing snow! A single photo […]

Day 018

It dawned a nice, cold crisp morning, so the DailylifeWife and I went out to photograph the sights! Giant Springs State Park.   We walked into a blizzard…and it was all snow coming off of the trees… * A two photo panorama! * Another two photo panorama, this time of the source of Row River, […]

Day 012

We got about 4 inches of snow last night, and it is -4 at 9am. A two photo panorama using the 6.5mm fisheye.  I think I will need more overlap if I do panoramas with the fisheye, although with a 190 degree field of view I should be able to show EVERYTHING in only two […]

Day 356

So we got a little snow yesterday (the 21st); about 5.5 inches by noon.  These photos were taken around 1am on the 22nd. 12+ inches! As marvelous as cellphone cameras are, and they are even if mine is 3+ years old, they just don’t work as well in the dark!  Two rolling (in camera/cellphone) horizontal […]