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Category Archives: Flowers

Day 73

I borrowed a new camera from a friend, a Canon M50. It is really nice! The day was crappy, but it still worked pretty good. The flowers the Dailylife Daughter #2 got the Dailywife Wife for her birthday! Assorted camera lens bags and a lens. Fisheye! ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 55

I bought the Dailylife Wife a nice $5 bouquet from Walmart at the beginning of February. This fell off, leaving one blossom and five buds that didn’t look like they were going to open. “No more flowers from Walmart” she said… This is two to three weeks later, after all five buds bloomed, and the […]

Day 288

~Curtis in /\/\onTana~ {!-{>

Day 287

Frosty leaves. I found the frost pattern on the back of this leaf to be very interesting, so I have included a full-sized image of it. And the other side…not really, it is a different leaf… ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 254

In about two and a half weeks I will be giving a class at the Great Falls Camera Club on Shadows and Silhouettes.  Here are a few of my favorites I have taken! Shadows. ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 222

Early morning in Kalispell. The Dailylife Great Grandma’s rose bush. And with a visitor. A loud juvenile bluebird leaving the nest. ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 216 At the Fair! Part 4

Toots really cleaned up at the fair this year… Best of Show Youth under 13! Digital Third place! Digital Honorable Mention! Digital And these are just the Digital! ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 135

A sunny day and the blossoms were on the trees, and the Dailylife Wife wielding the lawnmower.  Not so many  blossoms anymore, just a couple of days later.  A two photo panorama. ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 049

Not a lot happening today.  It was rainy, and we had to drive to the airport to pickup the Dailylife Daughter #2. A rare self-portrait! We stopped at the Maui Tropical Plantation (I think that is the name…).  It has a tram trip through the gardens, and an excellent gift shop! Timing was wrong for […]

Day 331

The Camera Club made our annual outing to Herman’s Flowers to do a little Macro photography last weekend.  These are by Granddaughter Toots! * * Toots in /\/\onTana! {!-{>