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Technical and home made photography stuff!

Day 74

I borrowed a new camera from a friend, a Canon M50. It is really nice! The day was crappy, but it still worked pretty good. So while I was playing around I decided to do a wide-angle vs panorama comparison. This is a 10mm wide-angle photo. The second photo is two 18mm photos stitched together […]

GFCC Class on Shadows and Silhouettes

Shadows (GFCC Class, 27 Sep 18) Silhouettes (GFCC Class, 27 Sep 18)

Day 215 At the Fair! Part 3

The Camera Club did some nighttime photos at the Fair again… The Tornado wouldn’t go for the longest time…then we spotted a ride crew guy with a bucket cleaning out a car…And after the first ride when it started again there was a guy who at least held it in until he was off the […]

Day 214 At the Fair! Part 2

The Camera Club did some nighttime photos at the Fair again… This guy was taking video of his kid on the little tykes rockets…  ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 213 At the Fair! Part 1

The Camera Club did some nighttime photos at the Fair again… ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 21,914! (Or 119…)

A very Happy Birthday to me!  I turned 21,914, give or take a day.  Leap years can be difficult…Anyway, it was a nice Birthday, with family coming over for a nice crockpot ribs dinner and cake! And a few gifts, the nicest of which was (ignoring the BIG bag of dark chocolate M&M’s!) my new […]

Day 055

We went whale watching again today.  Some good sightings, but nothing too spectacular.  More on that later.  The Moon was out!  And it is Full Moon the day after we leave.  This morning WAY too early there was a nice view of the Moon over the Hawaiian waters, but scaffolding got in the way…so here […]

Day 050

Three views of a rock at the beach. I did the water on a time exposure.  I didn’t bring my Neutral Density filter to the beach with me, so these are not too long. 1/8s f/45.0 ISO100 300mm for the first one,  1/15s f/45.0 ISO100 300mm for this one, and 1/15s f/45.0 ISO100 300mm for […]

The Last of Day 048!!!

There was a lot of whale activity today.  This evening we saw eight or nine breeches in the sunset…too far away for good photos, but big enough we could still see them! These are from earlier today.  The first one shows just how far away the whales are from our lanai!  And this is a […]

Day 045

Happy Valentine’s Day! No hearts, but some Holly from Snoqualmie Falls! * *   These are also my photo for RED from the set of cards I gave Toots for her birthday. And one more just because…Pacific rhododendron… ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! …Or not… {!-{>