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Technical and home made photography stuff!

Day 310/Day 16…not bad for a two week/14 day vacation!

The lights of Seattle: it was 6:30am there. After we landed we had to take the tram from where we landed to the C terminal.  It was about 50 yards away, but for some reason they did not want us to stroll across the taxiway… But unlike when we were heading the other way, the […]

Day 309/Day 15 – Part 2?

So after the waterfalls it was lunchtime.  We stopped briefly to photograph the monkeepod trees out on the plains…this is cattle country! Then we went down to Lydgate State Park and parked by the beach to eat the last of the stuff from our refrigerator.  It was nice. A windsurfer. Birds! And not to forget: […]

Day 309/Day 15 – Part 1?

We had yet another almost full day on Kaua’i: our plane didn’t leave until after 9pm…this is at the end of the road past our Unit.  Another resort we can’t afford, even with our timeshare points! And then it was back to Hanalei! Here is a bit of road that was trimmed back while we […]

Day 308/Day 14 – Part 1

Our last full day (well, sort of…) in Hawai’i! The Dailylife Wife took this photo of the Morning Rainbow on her walk . I was looking for the Camera Club Secret Word of the Month: Yellow.  This is the path that leads to our unit.  Eventually. And a little more wildlife! We needed to wash […]

Day 307/Day 13

A longish post: our last Friday on Kaua’i.  We had more wildlife in our unit.  The Dailylife Wife managed to chase him out with more luck than the previous critter.  Her photo. The view from our parking lot.  Not a scenic landscape, but not too bad… We had lunch in Hanalei, at a place called […]

Day 306/Day 12

Down to Hanalei and the beach! There are several one lane bridges, at least three like this one. It is two concrete I-beams with a slab laid betwen them, resting on the bottom of the “I”.  Simple, fast and “cheap”. Apparently the storms in 2018 and 2019 were hard on the old bridges.  The locals […]

Day 305/Day 11 – Part 2

We lined up at the gate at 5:30.  We met a nice couple from San Francisco or there-abouts, and shared and umbrella during the brief rain storm during our dinner. Sorry, no food photos… This was the lead person for both the fire show and the coconut husking demo at the start. Hawaiians have a […]

Day 304/Day 10 – Part 1

A bit of the previous evening that deserves to be seen… A then can we start the day with a rainbow!  (Photo by the DLW) We headed south today to Poipu Beach to see if there were actually turtles there as reported.  The landscape changes dramatically from what we have up north in Princeville. The […]

Day 303/Day 9

A quick run up the road past Hanalei.  This is the overlook! We use this overlook a lot.  Several of the photos on the Blog are from it.  This is looking down the beach before where our beach photos are taken. There is a large cave near the end of the road.  People wade around […]

Day 302/Day 8

A beautiful morning to take out the trash! Oh, and the wildlife, too!  In the Unit.  Well, it is the first one we have seen in Hawai’i, so I guess we are lucky!  The man with the Raid can said they get into rental cars (and ruined a lot of them over the pandemic while […]