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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Day 127 (11 Apr 10 part 2): Pixie Hollow!!!

Cloudy days make for shorter lines, so off to Pixie Hollow… …a little village where, of course, there are pixies! A closer look at the Hollow… There is something familiar about that green tush.  Hmmm… This mushroom, Nana? I’m not suppose to climb this mushroom? PIXIES AREN’T THIS BIG!!! Well, she’s OK… … …I guess… […]

Day 126 (11 Apr 10 part 1): Back to Disneyland and Beyond!

The next day we returned to Disneyland.  Here is the big flower mouse under the Main Street Station.  The one on the bottom is the flower balloons coming from the barely visible knot on the right side of the first photo.  Bashful was here in the top one, and I got a nice shot, but […]

Day 125 (10 Apr 10 part 4): more Zoo!

Okapis?  Part moose and part zebra… Two more ducks.  I was sure I would remember the name of this one… Maybe it is Fred. Of course, where you find ducks you find Hippopotomauses! More monkeys! ! Now we’re talking!  Otters! A little local color. A Red River Hog.  Errr, not found along the Red River, […]

Day 124 (10 Apr 10 part 3): The San Diego Zoo

The topiary elephant outside the entrance! Inside the Zoo: Flamingos on the beach! Flamingos arguing! From here we go down the Monkey Trail! Quite the trail!  It winds around the tree tops to see the monkeys in their habitats, then drops to the ground. A monkey of some type… …or another… A bird of paradise […]

Day 123 (10 Apr 10 part 2): Coronado Island

These are photos Leslee took.  She seemed to think I should have my hands on the steering wheel while we were on the bridge to Coronado Island. Looking back at San Diego. Two aircraft carriers in port. The end of the bridge. The famous Hotel del Coronado, as seen at 27 MPH! The Hotel’s clock… […]

Day 122 (10 Apr 10 part 1): San Diego here we come!

We needed a break from all-Disney-all-the-time…so we took a day and headed off to San Diego.  It hasn’t changed much from my 11 weeks over four TDY’s in one year, back around 2002 or so.  My first chance at photos was in La Jolla (La Hoy Ya). It was an outdoors day: surfers… …bike racers… […]

Day 121 (9 Apr 10 part 10): A Bug’s Land

At last, the last post of the day! All the (good) guys from A Bug’s Life! It was getting on in the evening, so many of the photos are a bit dark, or flashed. Heimlich in his candy corn field! They had these great benches for people: tractor seats on leaf springs! It has sadly […]

Day 120 (9 Apr 19 part 9): California Adventure

(Another day you didn’t think would end…but it will after the next post!) Disney’s California Adventure! After entering we find the California we found the Engine-Ears Toys shop, in a California Limited Train facade!  This observation car would make a great living room if it had the right view…don’t tell my wife! The view from […]

Day 119 (9 Apr 10 part 8)

After our loop and a half on the Monorail we got off at Downtown Disney.  The only stops now are Tomorrowland and Downtown Disney, but that made it closer for the tram ride to the car. We stopped for lunch at a pretzel/hotdog place. The slushy… …seemed to be… …a popular choice! With Nana and […]

Day 118 (9 Apr 10 part 7): Views from the Monorail

Just a quick couple of views… It wasn’t crowded on our first loop (we did a loop and a half). Finding Nemo’s Submarine Ride Cave Entrance. That wonderful Tea Cup ride in Fantasyland. Tomorrowland. Downtown… … …Disney … California Adventure! ~Curtis in LA LA Land! {!-{>