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Category Archives: Astronomy

Day 90

Here is the second night’s moonrise NOT from a cellphone! ~Curtis in /-\rizona! {!-{>

Day 89

The night after the moonrise from the road to Jerome, the Dailylife Wife and I went out to photograph it without the red rocks.  iPhone8 photo. ~Curtis in /-\riZona! {!-{>

Day 88

The Moonrise almost over the red rocks of Sedona… ~Curtis in /-\riZona! {!-{>

Day 86

This is part way up the mountain to Jerome.  I was trying to capture the Moon as it came over those red rocks to the left of it. I think I need to be out in the desert a bit… ~Curtis in /-\riZona! {!-{>

Day 82

We got back from a quick trip down to Phoenix (the first one!) and I sat back and enjoyed the evening.  The truck, the trailer and the almost full moon.  Not bad for a cellphone photo. ~Curtis in /-\riZona! {!-.

Day 45

We went back up to Sedona the next morning to see the sunrise light on the red rocks.  Still cloudy over Sedona, but clear west.  Here is the Moon setting in a one photo panorama. When I was sending Walter a copy of this, Messenger had it compressed sideways while uploading.  I though that was […]

Day 44

The clouds that were blocking the Moon had great texture… ~Curtis in /-\riZona! {!-{>

Day 43

The Moon coming up near Tuzigut Nat’l Monument. ~Curtis in /=\riZona! {!-{>

Day 42

Walter and I went up to Sedona to find a spot with the full Moon coming over the red rocks in the sunlight.  It clouded up and was a no-go.  I got this nice five photo panorama though! ~Curtis in /-\riZona! {!-{>

Bonus! Day 347, 2010!

Day 347, 2010… Coming home on Tuesday presented me with an interesting atmospheric phenomenon:  Anticrepuscular Rays.  The beams of sunlight you see during a sunset (and sunrise, too, I presume) are Crepuscular Rays.  Anticrepuscular rays are the same sunbeams of light, on the opposite side of the horizon from the sunset.  Despite the apparent fanning effect, […]