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Day 257

The Topic this month in the Great Falls Camera Club is Portraits.  Here is one of mine that did not make it into either the Competition or Critique. The Solar Queen -or- Toots at the Eclipse! ~Curtis (& Toots) in Idaho!  {!-{>

Day 241

More Northern Lights for last night! The Lights were moving, dancing and pulsing so much it was hard to get a sharp image of them! And the best part is they could be better tonight! ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 240

We got a notice that the Lights were out tonight (27 September 17). These next two are two-photo panoramas. Click on them a couple times to see the largest image. ~Curtis in /\\onTana! {!-{>

Day 218

I went out to photograph the Northern Lights tonight, but it seemed to have settled down by the time it got to /\/\onTana!. All of the smoke and a full moon didn’t help any! Stars in the daylight? Not quite…that was the Eclipse! This is just an overly long exposure, but there is just a […]

Day 201: Last of the Eclipse…?

Some of Toots’ photos…the ones with the UFOs… * **   *** **** ***** **** *** **   Hmmm…I think we need to investigate further.  The next one is from Texas to New England in 2024… ROAD TRIP! ~Curtis in Idaho! {!-{>

Day 200

Morte miscellaneous stuff from the Day of the Eclipse! On the road WAY too early! Say… …there is a budding astrophotographer in there somewhere…! Our neighbors. Dusty Feet to be. More dusty feet to be. So the Eclipse, or at least Totality, is done.  People are leaving before the Eclipse is over.  I can understand […]

Day 199: A few more Miscellaneous from Toots!

3D Tumbleweed to be.   Rusty! Dusty! Dusty 2! Ummm…there may be a pattern here…   Yup.  You can tell Toots is a member of the Great Falls Camera Club: If it is rusty get a photo of it!  I think it is the Club Motto; I am pretty sure it is in the By-Laws… […]

Day 198: A few miscellaneous photos from Toots!

Just a few photos of the area and whatnot, compliments of Toots… Somebody (probably me…) touched my filter…it didn’t affect the photos though! The “other” camera! Art(sy). What is needed by every astrophotographer! As you can see, dust is going to be everywhere… Art?  Or Macro? Okay, I don’t have a clue…   ~More to […]

Day 197

The end of Totality did not mean it was over… We had to wait for the Moon to reverse the process of un-eating the Sun from the other side! It got lighter out, too.  These people had ridden up on an blue Indian Roadmaster.  Eclipsing in style! ** ** The sunspots are back! and the […]

Day 196…or was it night?

Total Eclipse!   What is that on the side there?  Solar Prominences…   During Totality you don’t have to wear the glasses for protecting your eyes, and the solar filter on my lens was too, too dark…which screwed up some of my plans and cut short (we only had a little over two minutes!) some […]