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Day 258

Steel Etc. has a couple of mountains of old steel to process!

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Day 257

I used to photograph this guard rail post fairly often, but I haven’t in the few year since I retired.  It is down at the end of the wide spot near Rainbow Dam on the Giant Springs Road.  I don’t know when the top sheared off.  It could have been from someone hitting it.  This is how they used to make guard rails a long time ago.  They probably aren’t as effective as there new ones, but they sure had more character!

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Day 256

Late season sunflowers down by the River.


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Day 255

The water in the River is really low.  I don’t know if this is what they lowered it for, or if they are just taking advantage of it to dredge a channel for the stream runoff.

The water should be up to at least the log at the top of the photo.  This is where Coulter Falls is…a six foot waterfall that no one has seen in 100 years or so.  First the dam backed the water up over it, and then it silted in!

Here is the perpetual silt bar in front of Rainbow Dam.  This is part/all of the reason they built the new powerhouse and water channel a few years ago.

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Day 254

In about two and a half weeks I will be giving a class at the Great Falls Camera Club on Shadows and Silhouettes.  Here are a few of my favorites I have taken!


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Day 253

In about two and a half weeks I will be giving a class at the Great Falls Camera Club on Shadows and Silhouettes.  Here are a few of my favorites I have taken!


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Day 252

I finally got to work on the Camper again!  I added some framing to the roof section that was sagging.


It stopped the sag!

Here is a close up.  The 1×2 was as a spacer so the 2×2 would fit into the lid better when it is closed.

But I didn’t like the way it fit, so I took the 1×2 spacer out and now the ends are at a bit of an angle, with the roof having a little overhang now too.  The whole works will be held in one solid piece with one wing nut on each end through those 2×2’s.

But having it at an angle exacerbates another problem:  There was always a little air coming around the back of the end piece.  Now there is a lot more.  You can see where the light is coming through. 

Here is the outside of the other end.  I think the easiest thing to do will be to stuff something in it when I set up.  I am more worried about bug entrances than rain!

So I put a sleeping pad (I am getting a real mattress for this!) and crawled on in.  Rock solid!

But loud…all that empty space below the bed wrapped in 3/8 inch plywood is just like a drum!  It should quiet down a lot when there is stuff in the cargo bay.

AND it is a long way up and down.  I definitely need some kind of a step or two.  And there will be a fabric cover over this side also.

So I am almost ready to sand, fill, sand some more, and paint!

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Day 251

I drove to Kalispell for Avis on Thursday too.  It was smokier than Wednesday!

South of US HWY 2 on the west side of the Divide.

Heading back to Marias Pass.

Just before Essex.

About to roll down the hill by Essex into Glacier Park.

Barring any holocaust-level weather, this year wasn’t a drop in the bucket compared to last year!

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Day 250

I also drove to Kalispell on Thursday for Avis.

Sunrise over Great Falls.

(A two photo panorama from my cellphone)

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Day 249

I drive to Kalispell for Avis on Wednesday.  All the smoke missing from Glacier Park on the East side is here on the west side.  That is a new fire on the left, I think, but in the distance you can see the smoke from the fire on Lake McDonald.

Parts of the drive back on the western side were clearer…

…but parts weren’t.  The Flathead Valley itself was smoke filled.

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