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Day 159, June 8th, part 1

This is Thursday, so we are headed to Tracy Arm, a long fjord with a glacier or two at the end.

But first, lots of beautiful scenery and a somewhat cloudy sunrise…

A Pacific Loon.

A closer view…

Our first whale sighting!  But still a long ways away.  It will be for today…

Gulls on a “log” whale!

A Glaucous-Winged first year gull.

A whole humpback whale dive!

Magnificent scenery!

Our first breach!  Almost caught by the camera, too!

And here is a whole humpback whale breach!!!  Wow!!!

More to come!!!

~Curtis, breached in Alaska!  {!-{>

Day 158, June 7th


The first thing to see when you approach Ketchikan is the US Coast Guard, including a ship big enough for a permanently emplaced deck gun.

The Dorothea, an interesting look vessel.

Ketchikan Harbor and the Dailylife Wife!

A three photo panorama of the Ketchikan Cruise Ship dock and all of the diamond merchants across the street. The dock is straight, BTW…

Pulling in the stern.

The arrival of the Celebrity Millennium.  The Dailylife Sister-In-Law was on it last week!

What happens when you try to order fried eggs with your Swedish pancakes…

Looking out of the Lido Cafe over the stern deck at the Celebrity Millennium.

The stern of the Celebrity Millennium…so big I had to make a two photo vertical panorama! A bit bigger than the MS Amsterdam.

A great find in the Ships’sLibrary. I hope the next issue arrives soon!

A quick view of our route so far.

As we left Ketchikan, the route seemed to be lined with BaldEagles!


(Actually this two photos are of the same tree…)

This photo has for or five eagles…one hitting the water on the lower left, on on the short near the marker tower and two visible on top of the mark.  There was actually another one there that was shy.

A bird…

Up the Inside Passage as Night falls.

~Curtis, steaming out of Ketchikan! {!-{>

Day 157, June

A day at sea.  This a general map showing our destinations: Ketchikan, Tracy Arm, Anchorage, with a few others thrown in: Juneau, Icy Straight, Homer, Kodiak, Hubbard Glacier, and Victoria.  This is from the in-stateroom television.  It has a limited selection, but one of the channels is ship and trip stats like this.

We are on the ocean side of Vancouver Island, not on the inside passage eastern side.  You can see the waves breaking on these rocks.  It doesn’t look too impressive, until you realize we are ten miles or more away from it!  This are pretty big splashes of water!

Here is a closer view of where we are.

An artsy photo from breakfast in the fine dining room.

What I was trying for…an artsy selfie in the mirrored wall!

A gull flying alongside of the ship.

One of the live flowers in the buffet dining room!

~Curtis, at sea in the North Pacific! {!-{>

Day 156, June 6th

The nerve racking drive to the Port!  And a raised drawbridge.  Okay, it was only nerve-racking because I wasn’t the one driving in such heavy traffic.  The crack across the less-than-two-week-old windshield is compliments of some driver on the Interstate.

Up the Alaskan Way along Seattle’s waterfront.  A two cellphone photo panorama!  Click twice to see it the biggest; BACK (x2) to return!

A selfie before we board the the Holland America Line’s MS Amsterdam!

A selfie after we board the the Holland America Line’s Amsterdam!  This is the same ship, in fact, the same trip we took three years ago after I retired, only that one was in July.  The weather is suppose to be better in June.  We’ll see!

A five photo panorama showing Seattle, Mount Rainier and the Puget Sound.  Interestingly, the stern of the Amsterdam >>IS<< curved, but due to quirks in wide angle lenses and panorama stitching software, it is actually curved the >>opposite<< way from shown here.

The water, sun and side thrusters that have made docking quick and easy!

A three photo panorama as we leave Seattle behind.

Soon it was time for dinner.  This is the entrance to the fine dining room.  Table service and waiters!  All included in your fares, but no shorts or beach wear allowed.

While not every table is a window seat, pretty much every seat has a good view.

French onion soup!  Really good!

Braised tenderloin(?) on rice?  Also really good!

Braised tenderloin(?) on rice?  Also really gone!

The dailylife Wife had stuffed eggplant…

A quiet walk on the top deck (9) after dark in the Straights of Juan De Fuca.

And of course, an old tradition here, at least while on the Amsterdam!  The rugs in the elevators are changed daily because there is no sense of time on these cruises, and you really forget what day it is!

~Curtis, Alaska bound! {!-{>

Day 155

I was waiting for our 14 day Alaskan Cruise to start and began to play around with my latest lens, the Rokinon 12mm f2.0 the Dailylife Wife got me for Christmas. While an outstanding lens for Star photos, which it the main reason I wanted it, this lens is completely manual and does not have auto focus. Cameras today do not have the micro prisms that made focusing in past easy, so that to do? Really wide angle lenses, like this one, have a trick: enormous Depth of Field (DOF), or the part of the image that is in acceptable focus. On this 12mm with my Canon M2 body, if I focus it on an object at 5 feet away, and set the lens to f5.6, everything from about 2.5 feet (the Arrow) to Infinity is in focus! If I were to set the lens on f2.0, then I would have to set the point of focus to 14 feet, and then everything form 6.78 feet to infinity would be in focus. Set at the same 5 feet at f2.0, only from 3.6 to 8 feet would be in focus.

This shot is a demonstration of that DOF. I believe I took this at f5.6 and set to 5 feet (as a manual lens that information is NOT recorded by the camera body!). With the camera set on the table, the acceptable focus starts at the red arrow, about 2.5 feet from the camera, and it is all in focus to infinity. Or the Wall. Whichever comes first.

~Curtis, waiting on a ship…{!-{>

Day 154

I got a few sunrise/waterfall spray photos from Rainbow Falls.



~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 153

More on Lugnut’s Webolos ceremony!

Guffaws galore!

The whole group of all Scouts.

“All this for a little ice cream?”

Day 152

More on Lugnut’s Webolos ceremony!

A call for all Scouts to be recognized.  Even Girl Scouts.  So Lugnut and Toots together!

Whoa!  They both looked at the camera together!

This only happened once.

So it was definitely an accident.

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 151

More on Lugnut’s Webolos ceremony!


After.  And not a strand of hair out of place.

A bunch of them.

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 150

A few days ago the Great Falls Camera Club listed the Front Range of the Rockies up behind Choteau.

One last IDK…yet

A bluebird

Lone Antelope

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>