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Day 050

Three views of a rock at the beach.

I did the water on a time exposure.  I didn’t bring my Neutral Density filter to the beach with me, so these are not too long.

1/8s f/45.0 ISO100 300mm for the first one,  1/15s f/45.0 ISO100 300mm for this one, and

1/15s f/45.0 ISO100 300mm for the last one.

~Curtis on /\/\aui! {!-{>

Day 049

Not a lot happening today.  It was rainy, and we had to drive to the airport to pickup the Dailylife Daughter #2.

A rare self-portrait!

We stopped at the Maui Tropical Plantation (I think that is the name…).  It has a tram trip through the gardens, and an excellent gift shop!

Timing was wrong for the tram, so we got some souvenirs.  There is a wonderful smelling restaurant back behind this fountain, too!

(Three photo panorama; click to enlarge, BACK to return!)

An entertainment in the parking lot!  Two chickens on a car!

We got DD#2 and had a great dinner at Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop (again!) we drove back through the rain.  It also started to blow…

Here is a view of my previous lunch at Leoda’s on Thursday…

And just because it was a nice day in Hawaii the Dailylife Wife wore these colorful pants!

(Appropriate sound link!)

All in all a quite,but wet, Sunday.

~Curtis on /\/\aui! {!-{>

The Last of Day 048!!!

There was a lot of whale activity today.  This evening we saw eight or nine breeches in the sunset…too far away for good photos, but big enough we could still see them!

These are from earlier today.  The first one shows just how far away the whales are from our lanai!  And this is a 300mm on a crop sensor!  The second and the rest of the daylight ones are 100%crops of larger photos.








The last photo of the Day.  First, a full photo.

Now, a 100% crop.

It was already dark enough that I could pretty much only see through the camera’s LCD LiveView screen.  The EXIF is 1/8 second, f5.6, 3200 ISO, 300mm Canon70-300 L.  I could still see pretty good through the camera at 6400 ISO, button whales showed up.  The thunder, lightening and rain did.

~Curtis on /\/\aui!  {!-{>

A special edition!

Clouds from the flight over!







The first glimpse of Maui…through the clouds, of course!

~Curtis on /\/\aui! {!-{>

Later on Day 048 (the real one…)!

A whale tale past the palm fronds…

A spotted dove.

I really like the spotted shawl…it sets it apart from the boring doves we have back home!

Lots of birds flying around the resort…all visible from our lanai, if we can stop the whales for a bit!

~Curtis on /\/\aui!  {!-{>

Later on Day 048…

Somehow I am now a day ahead…{!-{P

A butterfly off our lanai.

Palm fronds.

A little blow…

…or a big one way out there…

Going for a dive…it is the big and rare Whale Bunny!

(The three whale photos at cropped but un-reduced in size.)

A two fisheye panorama up the coast about 12 miles.

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 048

I woke up early (still on Mountain Standard Time!) and saw the Big Dipper by a palm tree…

Click on them a couple of times to see them full sized!





~Curtis in the early hours, on Maui! {!-{>

Day 047

Our first full day on Maui.  It started out early…6:25 local time. And it started raining after this. We have seen whales (even a couple on the drive up here) but nothing I can get a usable photo of. Yet. A couple are included below. {!-{P

A bird in the coconut tree offer lanai.

This was suppose to be a photo of the bird in the upper left corner.  But it left, leaving an interesting tree!

A whale watching excursion.

A blow!

Another member of the whale watching guild,

A fin!

Another fin!

A splash!

Another fin!  Two if you look close…

Then we went to Costco for supplies.  It is about 20 miles or so away.  It took an hour to get home…the traffic this time is double what it was when we were here in 2015!

One last blow in the sunset.  These are all cropped at 100%.  The whales have just been a long way out. We have seen other splashes that are huge!

Looking out from our lanai into the sunset.  This is a panorama stitched from two photos.

More tomorrow!

~Curtis on Maui! {!-{>

Day 046 – The Trip Over!

The esteemed driver on the way to Seattle…

The view from below.

Mount Rainier.

Lots and lots of windmills near Ellensburg!

A couple of days later on the train.  To Gate S10.

This is an Airbus A300 (?).  Someone screwed up big time!  There is actually leg room in coach seating!

We are loading…

More loading…

Then: Only 4747km more to go!  Or about 5 1/2 hours.


It is almost as cold outside of the airplane as it is at home!


Almost there…

Whew!  5 1/2 hours later:  Maui!


There!  (Obligatory old-school black and white in Hawaii…)

And…we left the sun at the airport.  It was pouring rain by the time we got to Lahaina.  +84F, but rain.  Unlike the 2″ per hour snow at home!  Our place at the Hona Koa is nice.  It is a little dated in places, but we have a view of the ocean!  When it quits raining, anyway…

It was raining but the wall was open to the outside at the Beach Bum BBQ & Grill!

Maui Wowie pizza!

~Curtis in Hawai’i! {!-{>

Day 045

Happy Valentine’s Day!

No hearts, but some Holly from Snoqualmie Falls!



These are also my photo for RED from the set of cards I gave Toots for her birthday.

And one more just because…Pacific rhododendron…

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! …Or not… {!-{>