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Day 115: The Big Show!

The introduction!

She sure did make that bustle…ummm…bustle!

The Chief narrates.

They seek a new land.

He is taking his daughter’s true love on this dangerous journey.


Dangers at sea!

Trials in the canoe.

A plea for mercy and success.

Ummmm…gratuitous (but really neat!) fire knife dancing.

A little more, with flaming poi ball twirling!

A new land is found, and the daughter and love are reunited.  A party follows.

Part of the cast.  Green lipstick!

All of the cast.

It was a really good show, and far more involved and musical than I have shown here.  It is well worth the money when you get to Kauai!

~Curtis on Kauai! {!-{>

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