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Daily Archives: April 5th, 2012

What I missed on Maui…

Turns out that one of the three running railroads in Hawai’i is in Lahaina.  I think I hit the other two!   Okay, I saw another one (the Hawaiian Railroad Society on Oahu) and rode two others; I don’t know if the Dole Plantation Pineapple Express counts for one, and there is one at the […]

Day 97: Leaving Maui in the Evening…

Sometime after the whales ceased their show, we slowly left the dock to cruise on to our next stop. The thrusters that all of the cruise ships now have sure make docking and undocking look easy: no tugboats needed!  But they sure stir up a mess… This is the port arrival building we had to […]

Day 96: A Whale of an Afternoon, pt 2

The photos in this post are one series of shots I took.  In all I doubt it took ten seconds.  The photos are a bit grainy because of the sea-mist I was shooting through, the “high” ISO I had to use (500) and they are hand held.  The whales are several hundred yards away.  At […]

Day 95: A Whale of an Afternoon, pt 1

We decided to relax for the afternoon before the Boat departed, by sitting on our balcony and watching the ocean.  It wasn’t long before we sighted… (Click to enlarge; BACK to return!)   Yup!  Whales.  Right off our pier!  Of course, being on the 9th floor/deck helped… Note there are two whales.  It is near […]