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Category Archives: Hawaii 2012

Day 065: Happy Birthday!

It is the Dailylife Wife’s Birthday!  Here is a photo of the two of us on Kauai on our first trip there in 2012.  We head back in a month. Happy birthday! ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 363: Around the Christmas Tree…

All the kids together! (P7100) Toots and “Brave” (P7100) Ummm…Lugnut? (P7100) A parents view of Christmas Morning! (P7100) A Belated Merry Christmas to All! (P7100)

Day 235: One more last, last Hawai’i photo

Someone was feeling left out when I did not have a photo of her from our stop in Seattle on the way back from the Islands.  So here is the Dailylife Wife and Daughter #2! (1/60s f/3.5 ISO320 14mm Olympus PEN PL2) …it was on the Wife’s camera even though I took it, so not […]

Day 227: Back from the Islands…

We landed in Seattle to… …rain.  Who knew?  Pretty trees, though. We spend a couple of too quick days with the Dailylife Daughter #2 and then it was back to /\/\onTana! Through the snow. Through the windmills of Ellensberg. Over the Columbia River. Through Eastern Washington, across the Panhandle of Idaho, over the Mountains of […]

Day 226: The Last Day in Hawai’i!

On our last morning on Kauai we woke to clouds and a little rain.  Please note the two UFO’s in the upper right corner that came to say goodbye… It did clear up a bit as we neared the airport. A short wait at the airport (TSA and the Dept of Agriculture…!)… …and we were […]

Day 207

More of our last day on Kauai…trying to catch all of the scenic views we’d seen or missed… We even got once of these for Lugnut!  (I think he ate it…) We stopped a lot.  This is looking back West over Hanalei. We hit a few of the smaller roads we had missed. That got […]

Day 172: The Princeville Marketplace

I guess we saved the best place for last…we didn’t hit the Marketplace until our last day on Kauai.  We had a great lunch at the steakhouse, and forgot to use our discount from the Bali Hai Villas were were staying at… All photos are from my iPod. A chicken sandwich: good food with a […]

Day 171

I caught these on my iPod.  Loverly coconuts in the surf. * ** *** ** * ~Curtis in Kauai~ {!-{>

Day 170

My only “successful”panorama of Wainiha Bay.  It is made from six photos, as I recall, and it didn’t line up well when I stitched them together in Elements.  Part of that is because the waves kept changing position (rolling in!) as I took the shots.  Darn waves.  So the horizon isn’t straight, but it is […]

Day 169: Back on the Beach!

Wainiha Beach, near Hanalei. Looking back towards Princeville in the distance, Hanalei is just around the near by point. Rocks on the shore. And the waves washing up on them. … … The Dailylife Wife hard at work, photographing. Looking up! There is that Hong Kong Sunrise again… The Dailylife Venus… …rising from the waves! […]