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Day 122: Lihue to Princeville!

Here is another view of that lighthouse as we leave Lihue behind.

The shoreline here is not sand…yet.  Wait a few thousand years!

I have added a second view here, because it was hard to see that there was a tunnel in the rock.

Our last view of the lighthouse.

The shoreline is getting more rugged as we sail along the coast.

There is a bit of a Jurassic Park feel to the clouded over island.  This is a three photo panorama.

(Click to enlarge; BACK to return!)

The clouds make the voyage very dramatic.

A Pacific Golden Plover.

This is the Kilauea Lighthouse.  It is the northern most point of the Hawaiian Islands.

If you click on this photo a couple of times to see it at it’s maximum size, you can see a lot of white dots on the hillside behind the lighthouse.  The Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge is home to many various species, but mostly the dots are Laysan Albatrosses and Red Footed Boobies.  Whales, seals and dolphins can often be seen from the Point.

Here it fades into the distance as we sail westward.  There will be more from this place later.

A less ominous view of the interior.  Another three photo panorama.

Past Princeville and Hanalei?

The mysterious Napali Coast…

~Curtis off the coast of Kauai! {!-{>

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