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An Extra!

Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge, between Kihei and Ma’alaea, on /\/\aui!

This is a coastal salt marsh the highway cuts through.  It often has a variety of birds, and we went on down this evening.

This is a Black-Crowned Night-Heron.

The light was fading fast as the sun set, and it was cloudy and raining lightly.

These photos were taken at  1/180s f/5.6 ISO1600 300mm on my Canon 7D!

A Coot, a Black-Crowned Night-Heron and a Black Necked Stilt.

1/90s f/5.6 ISO1600 300mm

More of the Black-Crowned Night-Heron.

1/30s f/5.6 ISO1600 300mm

1/45s f/5.6 ISO800 300mm

1/45s f/4.5 ISO1600 207mm

And a tree full of Cattle Egrets!

~Curtis on /\/\aui! {!-{>

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