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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Day 198: A few miscellaneous photos from Toots!

Just a few photos of the area and whatnot, compliments of Toots… Somebody (probably me…) touched my filter…it didn’t affect the photos though! The “other” camera! Art(sy). What is needed by every astrophotographer! As you can see, dust is going to be everywhere… Art?  Or Macro? Okay, I don’t have a clue…   ~More to […]

Day 197

The end of Totality did not mean it was over… We had to wait for the Moon to reverse the process of un-eating the Sun from the other side! It got lighter out, too.  These people had ridden up on an blue Indian Roadmaster.  Eclipsing in style! ** ** The sunspots are back! and the […]

Day 196…or was it night?

Total Eclipse!   What is that on the side there?  Solar Prominences…   During Totality you don’t have to wear the glasses for protecting your eyes, and the solar filter on my lens was too, too dark…which screwed up some of my plans and cut short (we only had a little over two minutes!) some […]

Day 195: It starts!

There are sunspots on the Sun! ** It took about an hour and a quarter to get from the start to Totality. It was getting darker as we approached Totality! Almost there!!! Watching for the shadow moving towards us on the valley floor.  It was too smokey to see much.  I do have a video […]

Day 194: getting ready

Our neighbor took our photo for posterity and the Dailylife Wife. Toots took this one of me. She also noted that there was a strict no fire policy in effect.  It was dry as a bone there! Everyone is lining up and starting to watch.  We found out spot about an hour and a half […]

Day 193, or Chasing an Eclipse!

Toots and I left Great Falls on Sunday evening, and spent the night in one of the last rooms in Butte, MT.  We were on our way to Idaho to see the Total Solar Eclipse.  We would have stayed in Dillon, 60 miles closer to Idaho, but the only room I found there was priced […]

Day 192

From my star gazing last night: Horizon to horizon in 7 photos!  It took 13 last time!  {!-{>  Actually while the stars were out there was so much smoke in the air that the exposures took twice as long. North is at the top! Click on it a couple of times to see it best […]

Day 191

A little star gazing and a bit of Milky Way! That is an airplane streaking across the left side…no meteors were photographed…seen, yes… A bit of Northern Lights competing with the lights of the City?  There are suppose to be more tonight! ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 190

Still off on a tangent…we’ll get back to Alaska yet!  {!-{> There is a Total Solar Eclipse coming on the 21st of August, 2017.  It can be seen across the whole center of the US, including Idaho…the area of totality (complete sun blockage by the Moon) does include five or six square miles of Montana, […]

Day 189

The Dailylife Wife was cutting a red pepper for an ingredient in tonight’s dinner… Where the heck was this three weeks ago?  The theme for the State Fair photography this year was red. <<sigh>>  All photos were from my cellphone, BTW. And the dinner was: Italian Zucchini Boats!  Pretty good, too.  And low carb…{!-{P ~Curtis […]