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Day 196…or was it night?

Total Eclipse!


What is that on the side there?  Solar Prominences…


During Totality you don’t have to wear the glasses for protecting your eyes, and the solar filter on my lens was too, too dark…which screwed up some of my plans and cut short (we only had a little over two minutes!) some of my photography.  I did get to enjoy the eclipse itself, though, and didn’t just look at if through a lens…

There were streamers visible spreading off the Sun in all directions, but I wasn’t able to get my camera adjusted right to record them.  Toots did good getting the Diamond Ring on her camera!


My Diamond Ring photo, or one of them.  This was the point where the Sun was coming back out and we all had to put our glasses and filters back on.


~Curtis in Idaho! {!-{>

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