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It rained last night, and it rained today.  It may rain or snow tonight. But I got to photograph another Red Tailed Hawk! This is a view of our RV Park from across the Verde River. A closeup of our trailer! This is a bush/weed/somethingorother on the side of the roads down here.  I thought […]

Day 2023026!

Early morning looking East. Early morning looking West. (iPhone 13 Panoramas!) ~Curtis in /-\rizon/-\! {!-{>

Day 2023024!

An early morning 180 degree view of the RV Park. Looking the other way! These are some of the red rocks in Sedona, viewed from Deer Pass Road. ~Curtis in /-\rizon/-\! {!-{>

Day 20230123!

We came down to get out of the cold and snow…this was at almost 11am.  It was 18F when we got up. ~Curtis, in warm, sunny /-\rizon/-\! {!-{P

Day 2023020! Panorama Day!

Why Panorama Day?  Because all four photos are panoramas, of course! =========== The Dailylife Wife and I made a drive up to Jerome.  It is only “four” miles from Clarkdale but it is all uphill and winding mountain roads…the best kind! If you drive straight past the firehouse in Jerome, rather than take the switchback, […]

Day 2023020!

A quiet day down at the RV Park!  It started with a nice sunrise… But what is that down on the picnic table? Yup. So it looks like I will be unhooking the fresh water hose tonight.  I don’t have one of the fancy heated ones for the few days I have to do this. […]

Day 2023019!

I took a quick trip around the area this morning.  All of the rain and snow has certainly raised the Verde River!  That is where I like to shoot on the River here. The Verde River is probably more like what it was when William A. Clark (one of the Butte Copper Kings!) founded Clarkdale.  […]

Day 2023018! Part 2!

Just a quick second post for the nice sunset over the almost empty RV Park… (Cellphone panorama: double click to enlarge it; BACK to return!) ~Curtis in /-\rizon/-\!

Day 20230107!

We took a trip up through Sedona to see the snow on the rocks.  Starting with breakfast at Annie’s in Cottonwood. From downtown Old Sedona. These two panoramas are based on the same two photos merged, but are cropped differently.  This is the Back O’ Beyond Road.  It leads to a view of Cathedral Rock […]

Day 20230116!

A variety of photos… Our mood cave! We had snow, rain, clouds, and blue sky and sun all at once. One of the less fun parts of RV life… ~Curtis in /\rizon/\! {!-{>