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Day 98

Yup.  It snowed pretty good.  About 4-5 inches in town in some places. So, in an almost complete change of subject…I figure out my gas consumption. 2020 on the left is pulling the old trailer to Arizona.  The 2021 on the left is bringing it back.  The 2021 on the right is taking the new […]

Day 96

We took our time and and spent three days on the road.  The weather was good, and the high gas prices fell as we got farther north. ~Curtis somewhere between /-\rizona! and /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 95

So we finally had to pack up and start back for /\/\onTana! ~Curtis in /-\rizona! {!-{>

Day 85

A cellphone panorama from the zero gravity chair I gave the Dailylife Wife as a belated birthday present. ~Curtis in /-\riZona! {!-{>

Day 82

We got back from a quick trip down to Phoenix (the first one!) and I sat back and enjoyed the evening.  The truck, the trailer and the almost full moon.  Not bad for a cellphone photo. ~Curtis in /-\riZona! {!-.

Day 75

A sad/glad day: Our friends left for Great Falls.  We leave in about a week and a half. “You can tell the Montanans (but you can’t tell them much!) by their red trucks…” ~Curtis in /-\riZona! {!-{>

Day 29

More on the first really pretty sunset since we have been down South!  A sprightly fluff of cloud. It is even nice in B&W. A cellphone panorama se of the RV Park we are in.  It is not crowded at all. Looking the other way: the Dailylife Wife and our Trailer. A closer view of […]

Day 15

Our trailer at night!  (The bright spot is not a flash, but another trailer from down the street.  They have a REALLY bright LED on their door… ~Curtis in /-\riZona! {!-{>

Day 010!

Stopping in the middle of the highway for a photo and new battery. Down by the Vermillion Cliffs! Only 140 more miles to Flagstaff! Un-packing and organizing. I am moved in! ~Curtis in Arizona! {!-{>

Day 008

Packing the rear full…it wasn’t that much but man were we loaded down! Rolling down the road towards Arizona! Heading into the shower. ~Curtis in /\/\onTana, Idaho and Utah! {!-{>