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Category Archives: PAD 2010

Bonus! Day 347, 2010!

Day 347, 2010… Coming home on Tuesday presented me with an interesting atmospheric phenomenon:  Anticrepuscular Rays.  The beams of sunlight you see during a sunset (and sunrise, too, I presume) are Crepuscular Rays.  Anticrepuscular rays are the same sunbeams of light, on the opposite side of the horizon from the sunset.  Despite the apparent fanning effect, […]

Day (190)20

Just for something different, what did I post 10 years ago? I am not sure, and somewhere I lost the first 6 months of this blog. I have a backup (somewhere) and someday I may fix it. So what did I post 9 years ago? It was the middle of a five photo series (that […]

Day Three Hundred and Sixty Five!

Two complete years of posting a photo for every day!!!  Woo Hoo, we did it, Robyn! Here is the Dailylife Wife and the Dailylife Daughter #2, out in the snow. (1/125, f5.6, 90mm, ISO 200) We had just gotten home from a family photo session at Amy Coe’s studio.  More on that to follow in […]

Day 364: Another Sunrise at Fife!

Well, sort of… (1/30, f5.6, 85mm, ISO 200) !!!ONE MORE DAY!!! ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 363

Life down at the ice jam… (1/500, f8, 300mm, ISO 200) (1/350, f8, 225mm, ISO 200, +1/2 stop) (1/350, f8, 300mm, ISO 200, +1/2 stop) (1/750, f8, 250mm, ISO 200) Same as the photo above, just a little bigger Mallard… !!!TWO MORE DAYS!!! ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 362: More Ice Jam!

A view of ice over the dam, before the jam breaks up! (1/1500, f8, 190mm, ISO 200, -1/2 stop, four images converted to an animated GIF in JASC Animation Shop 3) A bunch of Coots who will be rudely surprised when the ice jam does break! (1/350, f8, 135mm, ISO 200, cropped from a single […]

Day 361: Ice Jam on the Missouri

There is a large ice jam down on the Missouri River here in Great Falls.  It has flooded out part of River Drive down by the Tribune offices, and the water level is even with River Drive now.  The power company says it is ready for when it breaks.  I think I will go down […]

Day 360: Christmas Dinner

The Roller Derby Princess, hard at work. Lugnut supervising the Kitchen Wenches. I’m not sure about this guy with the beard… Oh Boy!  Pyrotechnics!!! Wanna help me blow sumptin up, Papa? Ohboyohboyohboy!  Can I have some Prime Rib too, Daddy?  Pleasepleaseplease??? All in all a good dinner was had by all.  Even Dailydaughter #2’s Kugle […]

Day 359: Christmas Day at the Barrow House

Harlee is becoming a Roller Derby Queen, errr…Princess…like her Mom! Knick Knack and Toots spend some quality time before the Great Unwrapping! Big Daddy Lugwrench gets to open a package. Toots, hard at work. Too much Christmas means a time-out.  I hope those aren’t her shoes… Oh Boy!  I think… Ummm.  Hot chocolate with marshmallows! […]

Day 358: Merry Christmas!

A little Christmas sunrise started my day out by Fife, of course. (1/1000/ f8, 56mm, ISO 250, -1/2 stop) (1/250, f22, 47mm, ISO 250, +1/2 stop) Sitting on the tracks by the grain elevators.  I tried this photo a couple of ways. Sunrise… (1/250, f11, 112mm, ISO 250, +1.5 stops) …and Daylight. (1/45, f11, 135mm, […]