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Day 358: Merry Christmas!

A little Christmas sunrise started my day out by Fife, of course.

(1/1000/ f8, 56mm, ISO 250, -1/2 stop)

(1/250, f22, 47mm, ISO 250, +1/2 stop)

Sitting on the tracks by the grain elevators.  I tried this photo a couple of ways. Sunrise…

(1/250, f11, 112mm, ISO 250, +1.5 stops)

…and Daylight.

(1/45, f11, 135mm, ISO 250, +1 stop)

And another gratuitous Moon shot!  100% crop.  Gotta love that Image Stabilization…hand held!

(1/350, f8, 250mm, ISO 500, -1 stop)

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

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