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Daily Archives: November 14th, 2020

The awful, horrible election of 2020

I haven’t said anything about the Presidential Election yet…it is not over.  Despite warnings from the current President, and Democratic Leaders past warnings (that they themselves conveniently “forgot”) Mail-in ballots were indiscriminately sent to millions even without request, they are being “counted” without checking registrations or post marks, 450,000 of them appeared in Pennsylvania with […]

Day 309

The Cedar City KOA.  A nice, quiet place. Day three was through that funny Strip of Arizona (it is called the Strip…) into Nevada and Las Vegas. Too much traffic to make photos in Las Vegas, but here are just a few of the rows and rows of windmills between Las Vegas and Kingman… This […]

Day 308

Then it was down into windy Utah. I actually passed a truck and RV trailer!  In traffic, too… One of our favorite places to go in Salt Lake City! TWO!  I passed two RVs this day! Sunset near the Cedar City KOA… ~Curtis in Utah! {!-{>

Day 307

A couple days home and I left, dragging our new trailer to Arizona, before the next blizzard.  I did not beat the wind, however.  The first tank of gas was 6.2 MPG… Windmills in the sunset are kind of pretty…but usually they have to get them off the trucks first.  There were a lot of […]

Day 306

The long drive back from Seattle.  It was foggy until almost the Columbia River. This wasn’t fog, this is smoke going over the 4th of July Summit… After we made it to Great Falls there was an accident on the Interstate.  We had to turn around and go back to the previous exit. ~Curtis in […]