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Day 334: analyzing useless numbers!

I analyzed my mileage on my trip taking the Trailer to Arizona.  Sort of… Last year I averaged 6.83 miles per gallon.  This year I averaged 8.2 MPG. Last year I drove 1173 miles to get the trailer down there.  This year it was 1300 miles.  I took the same route…I know it wouldn’t match […]

Trvth. And keep your powder dry.

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Even our enemies?

From Veterans Day 2013 ~ but still sadly true…

<> Sadly on this Veterans Day… …this seems all to close to reality… ~Curtis, a proud Four Star Homeland Security Approved God-fearing, Gun-toting, Baby-loving, Veteran Terrorist Suspect! {!-{P

Comedy or Real Life? You decide! #2

Heh.  Trvth.  Imagine what they would do if we weren’t “armed to the teeth”!

Comedy or Real Life? You decide! #1

A lighter touch for those with a memory…

Heh.   ~Curtis, far south of /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Year 13! Day 20!

On this supposed wonderful day celebrating the peaceful exchange of power in the USA, DC is an armed camp (more than it usually is by 25,000 troops) for a failed and minor riot that the reigning Party has decided to use for all kinds of political purposes while ignoring much more violent and deadly riots […]

The awful, horrible election of 2020

I haven’t said anything about the Presidential Election yet…it is not over.  Despite warnings from the current President, and Democratic Leaders past warnings (that they themselves conveniently “forgot”) Mail-in ballots were indiscriminately sent to millions even without request, they are being “counted” without checking registrations or post marks, 450,000 of them appeared in Pennsylvania with […]

Day 290

America: she’s out there somewhere.  Time to Vote again!  For Prosperity, the economy, law and order, fairness, >>REAL<< peace in the Middle East!  Or for false cries of Racism through out our Country, higher taxes, less freedom, and someone who has been there for almost half a Century and hasn’t done anything they can be […]