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Daily Archives: June 10th, 2012

Day 159: Cap’t Andy’s Cruise! Part 7

A six photo panorama.  I didn’t leave enough room on each photo for it all to be squared off.  So much for using the Dailylife Wife’s camera! {!-{> This is what it looked like to the people in the canoes who first found Kauai.  Without the guy on the right with the digital camera. Click […]

Day 158: Cap’t Andy’s Cruise! Part 6

We had been motoring into the wind to this point, so we could get up to the Napali Coast, see it, and return, to see the sun set nearer to the dock we started from.  But now we raised the sails!  Or rather, this member of the crew did. We also turned back downwind about […]

Day 157: Cap’t Andy’s Cruise! Part 5

Past the Pacific Missile Range Facility is the start of the Napali Coast. Of course, we can’t forget the NASA Tracking Site! One of our sister ships sailing in the sun…never mind the Whale blowing on the horizon! Some of the best beach accommodations are actually the cheapest!  You just have to be in the […]

Note: How >>Not<< to Photograph Whales...

…or other things from a small boat!   I think I mentioned somewhere that I missed a lot of good photos on Cap’t Andy’s Cruise.  It wasn’t their fault!  I took too much lens (my 400mm).  When the boat is bouncing up and down two or three feet it is really hard to keep that […]