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Daily Archives: June 21st, 2012

Day 169: Back on the Beach!

Wainiha Beach, near Hanalei. Looking back towards Princeville in the distance, Hanalei is just around the near by point. Rocks on the shore. And the waves washing up on them. … … The Dailylife Wife hard at work, photographing. Looking up! There is that Hong Kong Sunrise again… The Dailylife Venus… …rising from the waves! […]

Day 168: Back to Kauai!

This is the Spouting Horn in Kukui’ula. As the waves roll up to the shore, water is forced into lave tubes and is squirted out with weird noises. It is pretty impressive. There was a bigger one.  It threw water a hundred feet up or so.  A plantation owner dynamited it because it blew salt […]