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Day 360: Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day started with all of the family over for breakfast.

Sometimes the old toys…don’t make waiting any easier.

I can’t take this stress!  My head is going to explode!

Looking for the plug for the lights on the tree.

Sure Dad, I’ll help you with this one!

Why does he get the Talking Story Telling Madder Alarm Clock Radio with Sound and Light Effects even if I can’t tell time yet?

Here Nana, this is from me.

He he he.  I got the hot chick again!

Purple Mermaid?

Someone has been raiding their stocking…

Then comes the Unicorn and Blanket.

I mean the Lion and blanket.

Decafe Cafe Monteverde from Montana Coffee Traders!

Happy with her wrapping paper!

For Toots!

It’s a Twofer!

Just what she wanted!  A fireplace

that sings Christmas songs!

Oh Boy!  A digital Camera!

Look at me!  I’m a Paparattzi!

Man, there is a lot of competition around here!

Toots, Rock Star!

Nana’s new vest.  Think petite!

Bad hair day bear.

Lugnut’s first car.  And he is figuring out driving pretty good.

And trains at the airport?

A merry morning for all!  Now if we can survive until the New Year…

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

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