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Daily Archives: January 10th, 2022

Day 011

Skeeter is trying to become the American Girl Kirsten Doll! Photos by DD#1. ~Curtis in Arizona!  (Skeeter is still in /\/\onTana! anyway…) {!-{>

Day 010!

Stopping in the middle of the highway for a photo and new battery. Down by the Vermillion Cliffs! Only 140 more miles to Flagstaff! Un-packing and organizing. I am moved in! ~Curtis in Arizona! {!-{>

Day 009

Interesting lighting in the Kanab Holiday Inn bathrooms… Hide the socks!  The Dailylife Wife is turning into Dobby! ~Curtis in Utah! {!-{>

Day 008

Packing the rear full…it wasn’t that much but man were we loaded down! Rolling down the road towards Arizona! Heading into the shower. ~Curtis in /\/\onTana, Idaho and Utah! {!-{>