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Daily Archives: August 7th, 2015

Day 217: Winding our way home again…

‘Stache on the deck of our cabin at the KOA. Dailylife Daughter #1 and Lugnut at the Whistle Stop Cafe in East Glacier…good food, slow service… The real reason I took that photo above: the neat reflections in Lugnut’s sunglasses! We saw this interesting truck on the way home.  It is a single, rigid trailer, […]

Day 216

The Party was held and Dad and Sarah’s Church, Easthaven, up on Whitefish Stage Road.  This is a wide angle view of setting some of it up. A nameless friend of Dad’s, and Dad’s Speed Key.  That is the telegraph key he used when he was a telegrapher from the Northern Pacific Railroad, way back […]

Day 215

The next morning, the day of the party, most of us went to the local iHop for breakfast.  Dad was the only one who wouldn’t look at the camera! From the left front to the back, and from the back right to the front:  The Dailylife Wife, Toots, Debbie, Sarah, Dad, Sherissa, Dezzi, Shawnna*, and […]

Day 214

We headed up to the Flathead Valley for Dad’s 90th Birthday.  With lots of family coming up there we stayed at the KOA.  Lugnut got to ride his new bike around. It was a bigger area than our drive way! A tree out behind Dad’s, in the setting sun. My sisters Debbie and Deyanne. Another […]

Day 213

More from the evening of the Super Blue Moon…I think this is a Swainsons Hawk.  The coloring is off because everything out there was golden red from the setting sun. * ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>