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Daily Archives: July 19th, 2009


Not a Photo A Day post, but a very fun short movie…something to think about next time you order Calamari! Oktapodi (Image from the website…) ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 194: One small step for [a] man…

Forty years ago today Mankind reached the height of civilization on this planet: We left it.  Man walked on the Moon.  A few more missions, then a program cut short because the dollars needed to be saved were “needed” elsewhere, the “end” of the Space Race… The whole planet had been brought together for one […]

Day 193: Something completely different!

Yesterday (Saturday the 18th of July) I attended the First (we hope) Electric City (Great Falls) Blog Meet, arraigned and sponsered by Gregg of Electric City Weblog.  It was a wide ranging discussion (over lunch at the Amigo Lounge, provided by a participant)of blogs, their meaning, purpose, importance, and future.  The people there were right, […]

Day 192: The Motorcycle Escort

The Vets in the previous post had a motorcycle escort from Ronan.  I met a few people from as far away as California that came.  There were a lot of bikes there!  This panorama is from three photos… (1/400, f8, 17mm, ISO 100) They were mostly the usual Harley’s a few GoldWings and a selection […]

Day 191: Veterans laid to rest

A week ago last Friday I rode my GoldWing down to the Veteran’s Cemetery at Fort Harrison.  That is the military outpost in Helena, /\/\onTana!  The Fallen Soldier Project had located the remains of two Veterans in Ronan (Private First Class Clayton Sandknop and Master Sergeant Paul Ploskunak), left in the mortuary.  They were brought […]