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Daily Archives: July 3rd, 2009

Day 184: We Interupt This Ketchikan Travelogue…

…To Bring You This Special Announcement! Grandson “LugNut” Nick has declared himself the Blue Plate Special! (Despite having a white plate…) He did not inform the kitchen staff at Chez Barrow prior to this evening’s meal, or he would have been provided WITH a blue plate. In addition to being the New Blue Plate Special, […]

Day 179: boats and floats, Part 2

Two cute little salvage boats. And an even cuter ferry: it is almost as wide as long! A stern wheeler and airplane. This is my favorite little boat of the cruise: he is tied up there on the end of the barge… …and is much taller than wide or long!  I think seaworthiness might be […]

Day 179: boats and floats, Part 1

This place is just full of things that float and fly…I have a collection of them here and in the next part of this post.  I will dispense with the photo info on them.  If anyone needs to know the exif data it is either findable on the image, or write to me.  Don’t forget: […]

Day 178: Early Morning Ketchikan…

It turns out we weren’t the only ones arriving early in Ketchikan, just the first! (Nikon Coolpix L11 on Automatic) Here is a closer view of the Zaandam: (1/1600, f8, 30mm, ISO 400) Of course, being a smaller ship, it has palm trees, island grass and a mountain with waterfall… (1/1600, f8, 135mm, ISO 400) […]