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Daily Archives: July 5th, 2009

Day 181, Totem Bight, Part 3

Back to the Totem Poles!  Note the brown, bear resistant garbage can to the left of the walkway.  Like childproof medicine bottles, if helps to be a child, or bear, to get into them! More about the symbols and society. Wallpaper! (1/6400, f4, 40mm, ISO 400) More Wallpaper! (!/1250, f8, 35mm, ISO 400) The Totem […]

Day 181, Totem Bight, Part 2

As you enter the clearing… …there are two Totem Poles guarding the trail. Then down the trail to the clan house. Most of the details about the clan house are here; Click to enlarge, BACK to return! The beams are remarkable, considering the native peoples used stone and bone adzes and axes!  While I am […]

Day 181: Totem Bight, Part 1

Totem Bight State historical Park is the name of our destination.  They have recreated and preserved the history of totem poles and the culture around here as best they can.  There is ongoing new work even now! These two totem poles below flank the trail head to get to where the poles stand.  This one […]

Day 180: meanwhile, back in Alaska…

Sorry to jerk this blog out of order, but that last was an important announcement.  There may be another one coming soon… But in Ketchikan we got off the ship to see the town and a Totem Pole village. (Click to enlarge, BACK to return!) (1/1250, f8, 17mm, ISO 400)     (1/1250, f8, 17mm, ISO 400) […]