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Daily Archives: October 12th, 2019

Day 275

After the Sand Dunes we turned to Antonito, CO, and the road to Chama, NM, where we were to catch the Galloping Goose the next day. The last time I came through here, ten or 15 years ago, it was only a week later, the all of the hills were golden. One more photo before […]

Day 274

The Galloping Guise Adventure! After leaving the small town where we dined on great mexican cuisine, we headed south. I never figured out why they cut through this rocky hill, rather than just going around it… The sky was cloudless, if you ignore the contrails. That tan stripe at the bottom of the mountains is […]

Day 273

The Galloping Guise Adventure! On Day 2 we left Denver and headed up to Georgetown, with the rising sun in our rearview mirrors.. There is actually a small steam train on the famous “Georgetown Loop” there, but we were too early, and took the road over the pass behind the town. The pass, Guanella Pass, […]