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Day 274

The Galloping Guise Adventure!

After leaving the small town where we dined on great mexican cuisine, we headed south. I never figured out why they cut through this rocky hill, rather than just going around it…

The sky was cloudless, if you ignore the contrails. That tan stripe at the bottom of the mountains is our destination.

That is the Great Sand Dune National Park. Friend Walter walked out a ways to see if he could find a nice photo.

Due to a quirk in the way the wind blows around the mountains here, there is a seven mile long sand dune over a thousand feet high. In the middle of Colorado.

And walked…

…and walked…

Some people bring bikes to ride out on the sand. It wasn’t allowed while we were there.

While we justly concentrate on the Lewis and Clark Expedition here in Montana, there were other explorers at the same time.

Here is a view from up on one of the neighboring mountains.

An interestingly broken rock in the parking lot.

Lastly are a pair of panoramas of the Sand Dune. The first one is taken on my iPhone on the panorama setting.

This second one is taken on my Canon M2 camera using a 10 to 18mm zoom lens at 10mm.

~Curtis in Colorado! {!-{>

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