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Daily Archives: June 1st, 2015

Day 154

Another ice tea (unsweetened)! ~Curtis on Maui! {!-{>

Day 153

So we were drivin’ along in Kehei, just looking around (and trying to get back to the main street) and we passed this cherry custom VW…errrr…not-so-micro-bus! ~Curtis on Maui! {!-{>

Day 152…at last!

It has been a year and a day since I retired.  We didn’t even try to imagine it way back in 1984! And now it is someone else’s turn! ~Curtis, retired, all over the place! {!-{>

Day 151

Leodas Pie Shop. French Dip. Banana Cream. Root Beer,  Key Lime, Pecan. Chicken Pot. ~Curtis on Maui! {!-{>

Day 150

The running info board at Slappy Cakes! Yeah, I know, the shark is fuzzy. ~Curtis on Maui!  {!-{>

Day 149

One of many drink photos… Ice Tea (unsweetened!) ~Curtis on Maui! {!-{>

Day 148

A little more Maui, in bits and drabs:  Wandering around Lahaina, Dailylife Wife and Friends in Hats! ~Curtis in Lahaina! {!-{>