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Daily Archives: October 20th, 2014

Day 295: Wallpaper!

Spray from our boat, wallpaper sized! (1/8000s f/5.6 ISO500 200mm Canon 7D) (1/8000s f/5.6 ISO500 108mm 7D) (1/8000s f/5.6 ISO500 100mm 7D) ~Curtis in Sitka! {!-{>

Day 294: The Otters!

We passed a big raft of Otters.  I think they were trying to form a Conga line… The light was bad, but the otters were pretty good. I am not sure what Smiley is laughing about… Maybe it is Mom. One of them,anyway. She always said she wanted to come back as an Otter! “Nom, […]

Day 293: The Eagles!

Bald eagles abound in Alaska.  We saw all of these in about a one mile stretch over about 20 to 30 minutes… An immature Bald Eagle. Siblings and a parent.  I have never seen a Bald Eagle roost on the ground like that before. As I have mentioned previously, some of the salmon are running. […]

Day 292: Sitka! -or- Back to the Cruise!

An early morning approach to Sitka! (Not the most even of panoramas…Click to enlarge; BACK to return!) A view from Breakfast. Once again we had to tender in to reach the shore: there was not a dock that would fit our Amsterdam.  But this time, the operator for the Otters, Whales and Other Stuff tour […]