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Daily Archives: October 4th, 2014

Day 275

More of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta this morning! Things are looking up… * * * ~Curtis, still in Albuquerque…{!-{>

Day 274

More Fiesta Sunrise! Off they go drifting along on the breeze. ~Curtis in Albuquerque! {!-{>

Day 273

More Fiesta Sunrise! * ** * ~Curtis in Alubquerque! {!-{>

Day 272

More Fiesta Sunrise! A single pre-dawn photo panorama. Blowing them up. Off one goes! ~Curtisin Albuquerque! {!-{>

Day 271

I know most of those carts don’t have much for warmth, but, a Propane Patio Heater? ~Curtis in Albuquerque! {!-{>

Day 270: The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta!

Getting ready for the Mass Ascension! Warming up the Balloons! Friend Robyn and the Dailylife Wife! The internal fire… * * Lots ‘o balloons! * * Raising the Flag to the Star Spangled Banner! More to come! ~Curtis in New Mexico! {!-{>